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  1. HINT OF LIFE God gave me a task, namely to bring snail streets. I cannot way too fast, the snails are trying hard to crawl, Every time such a move only slightly.

  2. I urge, scold, and scold, the snails with a look at me apologetically. Seemed to say: “I’ve tried with all my power!" I pulled, dragged, kicked and even, the snails were also injured. He was sweating, labored breathing, crawl forward. It is strange, why god told me to take a slug for a walk.

  3. Oh god! Why? The sky was silent Ah! Maybe god had raised snails there! Okay! Let it out! After all, the god did not care, For what care Let alone snails Front crawl and I was behind him upset. Slowly your step, Speak tenderly...

  4. Oh? Suddenly the smell of flowers, it turns out this is a flower garden. I feel the breeze blowing; it was so gentle evening breeze. There's more! I heard the sound of birds chirping, buzzing worms. I see the sky full of bright stars. Oh? Why did not feel all this? It was not until I remembered, Maybe I had expected! Apparently God led me to ask snails streets.

  5. MEET When you meet with people who truly love thee, It must be trying to get a chance to be with him all your life. Because when he has gone, it was too late.

  6. When we meet a friend who can be trusted, be friendly with them. Because along the whole life, true friends is not easy to find.

  7. When you meet a hero for you, remember to be grateful to him. Because it was he who changed your life.

  8. We met people, who have loved you, Remember to smile to thank. Because is the person who made ​​you a better understanding about love.

  9. when you meet someone who never hated you, greet with a smile. Because it makes you more strong or powerful.

  10. We met people, who've betrayed you, You spoken fine with him. Because if not for him, today you do not understand this world.

  11. When we meet someone that you ever loved silently, bless him. Because if you love him, don’t you wish that he would be happy ?

  12. When you meet people in a hurry to leave, Give thanks that he was never in your life. As it is part of your memories.

  13. When you met someone, who have miss-understood with you, Use that moment to explain it. Because there is just one chance for you to explain it.

  14. We met people, who currently stay with you for life, Thank fully that he loves you. Because these time you get your happiness and true love.

  15. ROTATES THREE TIMES Once upon a time in Tibet, … There was a man named adiba. When he was angry with someone, he would come home, and run around his house for three times although sometimes he felt so tired. He was a diligent man, his house became more bigger and bigger day by day. He didn’t care how big his house was. every he felt angry, he always ran around his house for three times.

  16. Everyone wondered why Adiba angry every time would run around the circle three homes and land, but however when asked, Adiba not willing to explain. Until one day when Adiba get older. The house and land more spacious, while holding the stick he was angry with the surrounding homes and land, until he was finished, the sun rise.

  17. Adiba sat at his house alone with tiredly breath. His grandchild sat beside him, and said “ grandpa, you have been being old, no one have a large house like yours. Please don’t run for three times again when you are angry. Why do you have to do it? Is there any secret behind this? Please give me the reason.” Adiba felt so pity to his grandchild, and finally he told his grandchild about his secret.

  18. He said: when I was young and every  fight, argue and angry, then ran around the 3 rounds, as he ran while I think, the house and my land so small, there is a time where I am and where I got mad another people's rights?Think so, then the anger's gone, and the time used to fight and try to work.

  19. Grandchild asks again : grandfather, old is advanced, has also become the richest man, why is still running around that? Adiba with a smile said : now I still get angry, as angry as he walked around the three rounds, and then thinking, the house and my land has become so widespread, what am I count with other people, then the anger's gone.

  20. Every rose has stings, it’s same with us. There’s something that we can’t hold We don’t have to remove the stings for staffing that rose. Just learn to can’t be hurt with the sting. One more, don’t let our beloved man also be hurt with the sting.