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Textbook Tracker TM PowerPoint Presentation
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Textbook Tracker TM

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Textbook Tracker TM
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Textbook Tracker TM

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  1. Textbook TrackerTM Software to Eliminate the Paperwork of Managing Textbooks

  2. What we can do with Textbook Tracker… Use barcode technology to • Check out textbooks. • Check in textbooks. • Generate reports. • Charge students for loss or damage.

  3. Part IInstallTextbookTracker.

  4. Double click My Computer.

  5. Double click Local Disk (C:).

  6. Double click Program Files.

  7. Delete the existing Textbook Tracker folder from your computer if you have an earlier version.

  8. Click the Start menu. Select Run.

  9. Type\\esc-msc\public\TextbookTrackerInstallationClick OK.

  10. Copy and paste the new Textbook Tracker folder into your Program Files folder.

  11. Copy and paste the Textbook Tracker shortcut icon onto the desktop.

  12. The shortcut to Textbook Tracker is now on your computer desktop.

  13. Part IIStartTextbookTracker.

  14. Let’s get started with Textbook Tracker… • Have the Quick Start Instructions. • Print your "pink sheet" class roster with barcodes. • Borrow one of your school's barcode scanners. • Verify that you have the current version of TT. • Know your school's username and password. (Practice barcodes are included in your materials.)

  15. Plug the scanner into your laptop.

  16. Double click the icon on your computer desktop.

  17. Enter username and password.Username = “teacher” + school #.Example: teacher54 for Interlake.

  18. The Textbook Tracker window opens.

  19. Part III Checkouttextbooks.

  20. Check out textbooks. • See the Quick Start instructions, Part IV.A.

  21. Have your roster ready. • Obtain a “pink sheet” list of students and barcodes for your class periodor • Print a roster with barcodes from http://archive.bsd405.org/internal/classlist/.

  22. Circulation Group Code Before checking out to your class, enter the circulation group code. • The circulation group code makes it possible for you to print the verification report.

  23. Circulation Group CodeShortcut Method • CG • Space • School number • Last name up to 7 characters • First initial • Class period • Enter Example: CG 54SMITHA3

  24. Circulation Group CodeLookup Method • Type CG on the command line. • Press the Enter key.

  25. Circulation Group CodeLookup Method • Find your name and period on the list. • Click OK.

  26. Important!For summer reading … Your own circulation group code won’t work for summer reading because the students will have a different teacher and class period next year.

  27. Circulation Group CodeSummer Reading • CG • Space • School number • The word SUMMER • Enter Example: CG 54SUMMER

  28. Default Due date is end of school year.To make books due at other times,Type period, space, due date. Press Enter.

  29. Your selections will now appear at the top of the screen.

  30. Scan the student barcode first.

  31. The student’s information will come up on the screen.

  32. Then scan the book barcode.

  33. The book is now checked out to the student.

  34. Watch the bottom of the screen for error messages.

  35. Continue checking out. Remember: • First scan the student barcode. • Then scan the book barcode.

  36. Each time you scan a student barcode…Check the screen to make sure the next student comes up.

  37. Any book barcode scanned while a student is current patronwill be checked outto that student!

  38. If you notice damage during check out … • See the damage instruction sheet. • On the command line, type ++, space, damage description, and date noted. • Press Enter.

  39. When finished checking out … • Type CG on the command line and press the Enter key to end the checkout process. • Print the verification report. • Sign out when finished.

  40. Part IVCheckintextbooks.

  41. Check in textbooks. • See the Quick Start instructions, Part IV.B. • You do need the scanner and the books. • You do not need the student barcodes. • OK to mix books from different classes. • OK to check in twice.

  42. Type B or b on the command line and press the Enter key.

  43. B and enter puts you into the bookdrop mode.

  44. Any book barcode scanned while in bookdrop modewill be checked in!

  45. If you notice damageduring check in … • Click the Notes icon to verify that the current student is responsible for the damage.

  46. To charge for damage … • Use the DL command and press the Enter key to bring up a quick damage screen. • Enter damage description and price and click OK.

  47. *** Recap ***To check books in … • Type B on the command line and press the Enter key. • Scan the barcode of each textbook that has been returned. • Watch for damage.

  48. When finished checking in … • Type a period on the command line and press the Enter key to end the check in process. • Print the verification report. • Sign out when finished.

  49. Part VPrinttheverificationreport.

  50. Reports • Always print the verification report. • Correct any errors immediately. • See the Quick Start instructions Part V.