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Hugo Chavez Venezuela’s President PowerPoint Presentation
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Hugo Chavez Venezuela’s President

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Hugo Chavez Venezuela’s President
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Hugo Chavez Venezuela’s President

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  1. Hugo ChavezVenezuela’s President By Dylan McPeake

  2. Early Life • Hugo was born in a three room mud hut belonging to his grandmother on July 28, 1954. • He comes from a working class family. • Living conditions were horrible for Hugo growing up. His home did not have running water, indoor bathroom, a refrigerator or a fan. • He helped his family raise money by selling candy on the streets and at school. • Hugo was able to walk, read and write before entering the first grade.

  3. Early Life (continued) • Hugo enjoyed drawing, painting, history and baseball growing up. • As a child, Hugo adored a pitcher named Isais “Latigo” Chavez. Latigo died in a plane accident and Hugo went into great sadness. • Growing up, Hugo wanted to play baseball for the MLB, but changed his mind when he heard about Simon Bolivar and other great military leaders.

  4. Significant Events • Played baseball for Daniel O’Leary High School. Only talented players were chosen to play. • 1971 Hugo studied at Venezuelan Academy of Military Services. • Married a working class woman, Nancy Colmenares. • 1978 first child was born, Rosa Virginia • 1980 second child was born, Maria Gabriela • 1983 third child was born, Hugo Rafael

  5. Significant Events (continued) • 1989 Hugo was in the hospital with Chicken Pox while President Perez killed protestors during the Massacre of El Caracazo. • 1992 Hugo tried to overthrown President Perez for the first time. His mission was fighting for the rights of poor people. • 1992 Hugo surrenders to President Perez on national television. However, he was thrown in jail for two months. • 1992 For the second time, Hugo tried to overthrow President Perez for the poor peoples’ rights. This time he served a sentence of two years.

  6. Significant Events (continued) • 1997 Hugo divorced his first wife Nancy Colmenares. • He met and married Marisabel Rodriguez. Their daughter was born shortly before the marriage took place. • 1997 Hugo decides to run for the presidency of Venezuela. • 1997 Hugo becomes President of Venezuela.

  7. Significant Events (continued) • Massacre of El Sielenceo • 2002 Rich citizens protested for Chavez to resign. As a result, poor people came to his defense by jumping on motorcycles and buses to stop the protest.

  8. Accomplishments • 1975 Hugo graduated from military school as one of the best students to attend Venezuelan Academy at that time. • 1975 Hugo became a career military officer. • 1997 Hugo became Venezuelans president with 56% of the votes. He remains president today. • He served in the Venezuelan military from 1971-1992. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. • Hugo changed the way poor people lived by giving them personal rights.

  9. Biopoem • Determined, brave, nice. • Grandson of Rosa Inez Chavez, son of Hugo de los Reyes Chavez. • His grandmother, brother and country • Sadness, happiness, hatred • Fear of losing the election, fear of people living without rights, fear of losing his life in war. • Who became president of Venezuela, who became a military officer. • For poor people having better rights, to be a good president to the people. • Born in Sabenta, Venezuela • Chavez

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