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Customer Service Excellence

Customer Service Excellence. Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc. I want to take a moment to thank God for giving me the ability to help others. The Training Source, Inc. Great Ideas for Great People!. Memberships:. Frankly Speaking. Scattered throughout the presentation Pay attention

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Customer Service Excellence

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  1. Customer Service Excellence Frank Besednjak The Training Source, Inc.

  2. I want to take a moment to thank God for giving me the ability to help others

  3. The Training Source, Inc.Great Ideas for Great People! • Memberships:

  4. Frankly Speaking • Scattered throughout the presentation • Pay attention • Ask questions • You may actually learn something and have fun doing it • Please fill out the end of course survey

  5. Have Fun! Life doesn’t have to suck 'The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.' -- Albert Einstein The Training Source, Inc. www.training4contractors.com www.hvactraining.com

  6. Let’s look at Electrical Safety • lockout.ppt The Training Source, Inc. www.training4contractors.com www.hvactraining.com

  7. Something to ponder • ..\..\Desktop\High Performance\11 did you know.wmv

  8. Let’s Begin. . . Objectives • Acknowledge and believe that performance excellence is a top priority • Identify behaviors that need to be replicated • Create and identify routines that drive customer service excellence • Believe and promote the fact that you must provide legendary service • Understand the fundamentals of success in customer service • Keep loyal customers satisfied

  9. What are your top objectives as an employee of the company? • Generate a profit • Providing high quality products and services • Protect the interests of the company • Gain customer loyalty

  10. Two Main Principles of Success • Loyal Customers + Loyal, Productive Employees = Company Success • That which gets measured improves. But, that which gets measured continuously, improves exponentially.

  11. So, why is this important to me?? The Training Source, Inc. www.training4contractors.com www.hvactraining.com

  12. Principles of Success • Loyal, happy customers = no complaints and increased business • No complaints and increased business = happy management • Happy management = happy employees • Happy employees drive great customer experiences • Great customer experiences = loyal happy customers

  13. What do you consider a loyal customer? • They will only call you, no matter what • They consider you more than a business associate, you have a relationship • They want you to do well and succeed • They will always recommend you • In fact some of them may be considered fans

  14. Imagine a customer that is so pleased and overwhelmed with your service and the experience they had, that they become a hard-core fan The Training Source, Inc. www.training4contractors.com www.hvactraining.com

  15. Keep Them Happy • Customer retention is important • It costs 7-10 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one • Delivering excellence and measuring your quality is no longer optional • The best businesses do it and customers expect it • Execution is paramount • Customers demand near-perfect execution

  16. Customer Satisfaction Formulas • Level of Customer Satisfaction = What a customer perceives they really get, minus what a customer expected to get The Training Source, Inc. www.training4contractors.com www.hvactraining.com

  17. Customer Satisfaction Formulas • Customer Sacrifice = What a customer wants minus what a customer settles for

  18. Customer Satisfaction Formulas • Customer Experience Management = What a company delivers vs. what a company has promised

  19. Let’s talk about value . . . And how customers perceive it Let

  20. Japanese Kobe A5 6 ounce filet - • $190 • Appetizer - $32 • Baked potato - $19 • Small Salad - $14 • Wine - $20 • TOTAL Bill = $275

  21. What is Kobe beef? Kobe beef is a truly high-end luxury. Cuts of this meat are upwards of $100 bucks a pop, much of this cost due to the slow, organic manner in which the cattle are raised. Kobe beef comes only from a Japanese black-haired breed called Wagyu cattle ("wa-" means "Japanese," and "gyu" means "cattle." Kobe is so highly marbled that the fat seems almost as prominent as the lean. However, this is the "good," unsaturated fat, and well worth the occasional indulgence. What makes it so special? Kobe beef, or the Wagyu cattle, are fed organic grains, Japanese beer, and even sake mash. Some Japanese farmers reportedly even brush sake on their cattle's coats, in the belief that this will soften their skin and improve the quality of the meat. While this concept may be debatable at best, it illustrates the care and respect given to the cattle as they are being raised. How does Kobe beef taste? When it's cooked right, a filet mignon of Kobe beef is utterly transcendent. Juicy, buttery, with a melt-in-your-mouth quality that puts even prime rib to shame, Kobe beef epitomizes luxury food. You shouldn't even need to use a steak knife; it's that tender. There is a subtle sweetness to Kobe beef that makes even sirloin burgers perfect without ketchup.

  22. What is it that drives people to spend more money on some things versus other things?

  23. Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs

  24. Frankly Speaking • Customers expect near perfect execution • The more it costs the more near perfect the experience should be • People want to feel good about the value of the experience • Make it legendary

  25. What Makes Legendary Service? • Personal Attention • Introduction and names • Communicating professionally and explain what you are doing • Respect and appreciation • Looking and acting as a professional • Practice makes perfect The Training Source, Inc. www.training4contractors.com www.hvactraining.com


  27. How many customers have you met that complain for absolutely no reason at all?

  28. Top 6 Reasons Why Companies Lose Customers (Based on a Study by The American Society for Quality Control) # 6 - They Die (1%) # 5 - They Moved (3%) # 4 - Influenced By Friends (5%) # 3 - Lured By Competition (9%) # 2 - Dissatisfied With Product or Service (14%)

  29. Number One Reason Why Companies Lose Customers 68% Say they were turned away by the attitude displayed on the part of a company employee

  30. Alfred B. Sloan, Former Chairman of General Motors once said: “The quickest way to profits is to serve the customer in the way the customer wants to be served.”

  31. It isn’t always about money

  32. In fact it may be something very simple that makes all the difference

  33. Decision Analysts, Inc. 2006

  34. The Customer Experience You’re the one who makes it happen

  35. Frankly Speaking • Franks 10 Rules on Keeping Customers Loyal

  36. Frankly Speaking • 1. Never let personal needs, self-pride or prejudices get in the way of doing what is right for the customer

  37. Frankly Speaking 2. Appreciate the customers’ business – and tell them through your work, your attitude and communication

  38. Frankly Speaking 4. Support your products, your team members, your company and your industry

  39. Frankly Speaking 5. Always look for ways to make it easier and more pleasant to do business with you (be compared to a five star restaurant)

  40. Frankly Speaking 6. Listen to your customers, get the details right

  41. Frankly Speaking 7. Script out and practice what you are going to say and how you are going to do it

  42. Frankly Speaking 8. You don’t know everything

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