2013 benefits orientation n.
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2013 Benefits Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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2013 Benefits Orientation

2013 Benefits Orientation

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2013 Benefits Orientation

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  1. 2013 Benefits Orientation

  2. Benefits At a Glance

  3. Access to trained benefit specialists Email and Telephonic Support (877) 561-0984 Representatives available from 8am to 8pm EST Monday through Friday Your Benefit Resources The Benefit Desk • Your online benefit resource • 24/7 access Save in your cell phone!

  4. ImportantNote! Qualifying Life Events Qualifying Life Events (QLE) allow you to make certain election changes throughout the year as long as the changes are made within 31 days of the event. • Adoption • Birth • Domestic Partnership • Dissolution of Domestic Partnership • Court Ordered Change • Death (dependent) • Divorce • Legal Guardianship • Legal Separation • Loss of Other Coverage • Marriage (associate) • Marriage (child) • New Coverage Available • Spouse or Child(ren) leave US or return to US • Change in Student Status You MUST make QLE changes within 31 days of the event by visiting and submitting your QLE documentation to The Benefit Desk.

  5. Medical Plan 90 (Aetna or UnitedHealthcare) Richest benefit plan design, highest payroll contribution Lowest out-of-pocket cost at time of service $100 in-network deductible before coinsurance Most services subject to copays Plan 80 (Aetna or UnitedHealthcare) Lower associate contributions Moderate out-of-pocket cost at time of service $500 in-network deductible before coinsurance Most services subject to copays Consumer Driven Health Plan “CDHP” (Cigna) Lowest associate contributions Ideal plan for those anticipating low usage All expenses are subject to the deductible Associates have the option to elect a Health Savings Account (HSA)

  6. Medical Comparison

  7. Prescription Drug Plan Prescription Drug Benefits are offered exclusively through Cigna; all associates who enroll in Medical will receive two ID cards; one for Medical, one for Prescription Drug coverage. You do not need to enroll separately in Prescription Drug coverage.

  8. Health Savings Account (HSA)

  9. ImportantNote! Dental * Usual, Customary, and Reasonable There are no insurance cards for this plan. Your plan ID is your Social Security Number. • Using a network dentist will minimize how much you pay out-of-pocket • Using an out-of-network dentist will increase your out of pocket expenses • View dental provider list at

  10. Vision • Extensive network of retail and private practice providers • You will receive an ID card for this plan • Your Member ID is 000 followed by your 6-digit associate ID • Complete provider listing at

  11. ImportantNote! Flexible Spending Accounts FSAs allow you to pay for certain health care and dependent day care expenses with pre-tax dollars. Highly Compensated Employees (HCEs) are only able to contribute up to $2,500 per year for the Dependent (Day) Care Flexible Spending Account. USE IT OR LOSE IT RULE– You must use all of the funds in your FSA by the end of the plan year. Any unused funds will be forfeited. You have 90 days after the end of the plan year to submit claims incurred during the plan year.

  12. Transportation & Parking Plan • Contribute on a pre-tax basis; payroll deducted • Enrollment available throughout the year at • You will receive a debit card for this plan 10-15 days after you enroll • Funds will rollover from month to month, if an election is not changed or cancelled • If you would like to enroll, make changes, or cancel your election you must do so by the 20th of each month.  For example, if you would like to have funds available for the month of July, you must make your election by May 20th, and deductions will be taken by June 20th.

  13. ImportantNote! Basic Life and AD&D Insurance You must designate a primary beneficiary, and at your option, a contingent beneficiary for each benefit within 31 days of your hire date. Your beneficiaries do not have to reside in the US. Refer to the Beneficiary Guide located in the Quick Links section at for the steps to update your beneficiary information.

  14. Supplemental Life Insurance Additional life insurance for yourself, your spouse or domestic partner, and your dependent child(ren).

  15. Disability Maternity Benefit Cognizant provides a Maternity Benefit that is designed to work in conjunction with STD. Cognizant will supplement the STD benefit up to 100% of associate’s pay for a maximum of seven weeks. • Visit the Leave & Disability page at • If you are unable to attend work for 7 consecutive calendar days due to your own serious health condition; including injury or illness • If applying for leave under the FMLA to care for yourself or a family member

  16. Associate Paid Options To learn more about these benefits, visit

  17. Business Travel Accident Insurance For a full description of the services offered , visit Injury coverage resulting from an accident occurring during business travel

  18. Associate Banking To learn more about these benefits, visit

  19. Associate Discounts • With Corporate Rewards you and your family will be able to: • Save money at over 30,000 merchants on everything from electronics, clothing and vacations to restaurants, spas and weekend activities • Earn and spend Wow Points • Get local deals through Living Social • Your login information will be sent to you within your first 7 days of employment • With Plum Benefits you and your family will have access to exclusive associate entertainment benefits through Plum Benefits! • From theater and dance to sports and comedy, you can save time and money when ordering tickets for great seats to the hottest events in New York, Orlando, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC • Exclusive offers for premiere entertainment • Access to hard-to-get seats + No ticket-ordering obligations

  20. Wellness • Cognizant & You • Monthly information about the Cognizant benefit programs, featuring valuable resources aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of your and your family • Tips on how to best utilize your plan benefits • Special programs, webinars, and events throughout the year • Keep an eye out for Cognizant & You communications in your Cognizant email • Winning With Willis • Your direct connection to valuable resources where you can learn about nutrition, fitness, prevention , and many other topics that help maintain a healthy lifestyle. • Visit to explore everything the site has to offer, including:  • Monthly Healthy Headlines on a variety of wellness topics • Monthly Healthy Challenges to help you control unhealthy triggers • Jillian Michaels offering discounts for her online weight loss program

  21. Resources for Living - EAP • EAP Benefits: • Cognizant paid benefit • Unlimited telephonic resource • Voluntary • Confidential Contact the EAP: Cognizant EAP is here for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day (888) AETNA-EAP [(888) 238-6232] Company ID: MYCOGEAP • Cognizant’s Employee Assistance Program is available to all associates, household members, and adult children under age 26 (whether they live at home or not)

  22. Contacts At a Glance

  23. Thank you!