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New Ulm Eagles

New Ulm Eagles

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New Ulm Eagles

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  1. 2014-2015 New UlmEagles

  2. Eagle PrideWear it LOUD and Proud

  3. 2014-2015 Activities Meeting Students CoachesParents Advisors

  4. High School Principal: Mark Bergmann • Activities Director: Chad Eischens • Activities Secretary: Laura Batt Activities Office: 507-359-8426 Contact Information

  5. BYLAW 205 Chemical Eligibility A student may not at anytime; consume or have in possession alcohol, tobacco, controlled substances, and/or drug paraphernalia. Minnesota State High School League

  6. Students must abide by ISD 88 & MSHSL Student Code of Conduct: • No Weapons, Fighting, or Threats • No Harassment of ANY kind • Including social media, text, etc. • No Bullying • No Excessive Absences or Truancy • No Display of Unsportsmanlike Conduct It is the responsibility of students and parents to review the Activities Handbook prior to participation. MSHSL BYLAW 206 Student Code of Conduct

  7. Any Harassment towards another students or staff member will result in a Code of Conduct Violation. • Harassment of any kind is prohibited by ISD 88 and the MSHSL • Harassment can take place in multiple forms: physical, verbal, written, etc. MSHSL Bylaw 209Sexual/Racial/Religious Harassment

  8. Penalties: Student Suspension Guidelines: Students must attend practice Students may NOT sit on the bench during games, wear their uniform, or use school transportation to away events Student cannot serve penalty if suspended from school If student participates in a fine art activity and a sport, the penalty must be served in each More than one penalty can be invoked per violation 1st Offense • 2 games or 2 weeks whichever is greater 2nd Offense • 6 games or 3 weeks whichever is greater 3rd or Subsequent Offense • 12 games or 4 weeks whichever is greater ISD 88 and MSHSL Penalties for Violations

  9. Academics 1st, Athletics/Fine Arts 2nd • You represent our school and our community • Participation is an honor and privilege, not a right • Each student will display positive sportsmanship at all times • Adhere to the MSHSL Code of Conduct at all times, year round StudentHandbook and Policies

  10. Spectator Conduct Violation of Spectator Code of Conduct Violation of the spectator code of conduct may lead to loss of privilege to attend any school related activity Length of time is subject to determination by ISD 88 administration For additional information please refer to the Activities Handbook • It’s imperative to encourage your student athlete/fine artists, be supportive • Practice good sportsmanship at ALL times • Only cheer in a positive manner and never against your opponent, coach, advisor, players, or officials Spectator Responsibility

  11. Paperwork All paperwork must be turned in prior to participation (including practice): Physical documentation MSHSL Eligibility Form Emergency Form Registration Form Fee Other Expectations: Attend preseason activities meeting with a parent/guardian Attend preseason coaches meeting with parent/guardian Attend concussion training, complete concussion management test, and sign concussion test waiver First Day of Grades 9-12 athletics is Monday, August 11

  12. Athletic Fees • High School = $200 • Junior High = $100 • Football • Volleyball • Girls Tennis • Soccer (Grades 7-12) • Cheer **Junior High athletes that move up are required to pay the high school fee ***Please review refund policy in activities handbook Fine Arts Fees: • Pops Choir = $70 • Payne Street = $70 • Jazz Band = $70 • Knowledge Bowl = $70 • Math League = $70 • Math Counts = $37 • Mock Trial = $70 • HS Musical = $100 • HS Play = $100 • JH Play = $70 • Speech =$100 • HS One Act = $70 • JH One Act = $50 $$$ FEES $$$

  13. Student Attendance Students must be in class by the start of 4th hour to participate in a contest Students must be in class by the start of 1st hour proceeding a contest to participate in the next contest Students may participate in a contest with a pre-approved absences (verification is required) Students skipping class may NOT participate in the contest Students marked tardy may participate in the contest

  14. Students must follow all rules and guidelines set forth by NUBL • Students must ride the bus to all events unless prearranged with Activities Director or High School Principal • Students are expected to ride the bus home following a contest, unless a parent has signed the transportation waiver • The waiver must be given to the coach/advisor the day of the contest • Students will only be released to a parent/guardian, NO EXCEPTIONS • Students must wait for ride home on the Garden Street entrance • Coaches/Advisors may NOT leave until all students are picked up • Parents/Guardians must be timely picking up students Transportation

  15. Grade Check Student First, Athlete Second Grades will be checked every 3 weeks for HS students (and JH Students playing at varsity level) Students failing will not participate in any contests until the next grade check Students will not be declared eligible until the coach/advisor is notified by the Activities Office or HS principal JH students will not be eligible for contest participation if failing JH students grades will be checked weekly JH students will not be eligible for participation until all teachers have cleared the student JH student will not be eligible until the Guidance Office notifies the Activities Office, in turn, the Activities Office will notify the coach/advisor If in doubt, get help!

  16. Student must serve detention prior to attending practice or contests Detention is from 3:10-4:10 p.m. Students have one week to serve detention, and they are expected to serve detention in a timely manner Students may receive additional penalties from their coach/advisor (rules will be established by the coach/advisor prior to the start of the season) If a student does not serve detention in one week, he/she will be suspended from practice and/or contests until the detention is served Detention

  17. Keep the locker rooms clean and organized • Respect the property of the school district and others (home and away) • A lock will be provided to students by their coach, and it must be returned at the end of each season • Remember to lock up all valuables • Get in and Get out: the locker rooms are occupied by multiple teams – Don’t waste time Lockers

  18. Participants Parents Talk with your child and always be positive Keep positive and open lines of communication with the coaches and advisors Select appropriate times to talk with the coaches and advisors (not before or during practices and not before, during, or after events) If need be, contact me and we can discuss having an encompassing meeting • Talk with your coaches and advisors, let them know if you are struggling with something, and ask what you can do to get better • Do not question playing time or participation time • Let your coaches know well in advance if you will miss practice or games/events Communication

  19. Uniforms are the responsibility of the student athlete or fine artist A. If they are damaged or lost the student and his/her parent will be charged replacement costs • Respect all of the equipment and facilities both at school and away events A. Remember, you always represent our school and community B. Student athletes/artists and his/her parents will be responsible for the replacement of any equipment purposely destroyed or due to lack of responsibility C. Only water is allowed in the gym • Clean up after yourself both at school and away events A. Pick up water bottles after practices and events B. Pick up extra clothing C. Leave it better than you found it Additional Student Responsibility

  20. Why are Extracurricular Activities valuable? Leadership skills Social skills – stronger relationships with peers & teachers Teamwork More academically motivated Higher levels of school engagement & educational aspirations Exposure to new & real-world activities Reduction in student drop-out rates Reduction in students being involved in criminal offenses Lower rates of student substance abuse Higher levels of self esteem & positive development

  21. Schedules are available online Feel free to contact the Activities Office with any questions or concerns. 507.359.8426 HAVE A GREAT SEASON!