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  1. PARTS OF A STORY What drives a story?

  2. Setting • The time and place of the action • Time might be the historical era (WWII or 1920s), the season, or the time of day • Place might be a country, neighborhood, or a room. • In many stories setting affects the action and the characters’ feelings. • Write a list of details about the MCCO cafeteria. • Read your list to a partner • What would happen to your mental image of the setting if certain details were left out?

  3. Characters • People, animals, or imaginary creatures that take part in a story • The characters’ behavior directly affects what happens in the story. Recall a character that you know well. What traits make them memorable?

  4. Conflict • Struggle between different forces • The fuel that keeps the action moving forward • Can be internal or external • Think about the movie Toy Story. • Who is the main character? • What problems or conflicts does this character face? List as many as you can.

  5. Internal vs. External Conflict • Internal conflict • Struggle within the character’s mind • Happens when a character is dealing with opposing thoughts or feelings • Character vs. self • External conflict • Struggle between a character and an outside force • Could be another character, a group of characters or nature • Character vs. another character • Character vs. nature

  6. Internal or External Conflict- you decide! • Jim and Mac disagreed about where they should take the dog they found. • Carly struggled to walk through the hot, blowing sand. • Sarah couldn't decide what to do that night. Should she study or should she go out? • Hector thought, "Why did I ever agree to be in this play? I'll never have the nerve to act in front of an audience." • The snarling dog placed himself between his master and the angry stranger. • Violet wanted her friends to let the new girl join the club, but no one else agreed. Violet felt badly for the new girl, but she didn't know what to do about the problem. • Kim knew that the whole class was angry with her for reminding the teacher about the assignment. At the time, she thought she was doing the right thing. Now she wasn't sure.