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Customer Pathway PowerPoint Presentation
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Customer Pathway

Customer Pathway

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Customer Pathway

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  1. Customer Pathway Self Directed Support

  2. Customer Service Centre Initial contact will cover: Personal information Referral reasons Carer’s details Current paid support Home situation Mobility Health and well being Mental Health and Psychological well being Medication Conclusion & Outcomes

  3. My Outcomes & Enablement Assessment

  4. How to complete My Outcomes • Things are very difficult • Things are difficult • Neither good nor bad – things are stable for me • Good – things are OK and getting better • Very good – I am happy and very satisfied Where you are finding things difficult or very difficult, please note anything that would support you to make a difference and improve things If things are neither good nor bad, please note anything that would improve things to good or very good Where things are good or very good, please note what is working well and has made a difference       

  5. My Outcomes & Enablement Assessment Designed to identify areas in service user’s life where they need support Will be used at the beginning and toward the end of the reablement process ‘My Outcomes’ can be used to plan future support Generates a graph that provides evidence of progress Reablement staff will record comments and outcomes

  6. General Principles • The service user completes the form • It informs the worker as to how the service user feels about different areas of their life and the support they feel they might need • The form can be completed during the first contact, at the end of reablement and later as part of the review process • The results will form the basis of the support plan and will inform where money should be spent

  7. Why a graph? • It’s easy to understand • It gives a clear indication of how and where the budget should be spent to help the service user improve their health and wellbeing • It’s a benchmark for monitoring and reviews

  8. Management Information • By amalgamating graph information we can see by district or area where outcomes are not being met • This informs how we develop the market in those areas • It may also be an early indicator of how the market is changing or how customer outcomes are changing

  9. My RAS and Overview Assessment Who completes it? Part of the Self Supported Assessment Form that records service user needs and any informal support they are receiving Responses are entered onto the RAS validation spreadsheet Produces an indicative budget Needs to be completed before the support plan

  10. Support Planning The support plan is about the service user so they should, where possible, complete their own plan It follows on from the RAS and is completed when the indicative budget is known It is a record of decisions made by the service user Identifies outcomes the service user wants now and in the future It’s important to add hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future

  11. How to complete the Support Plan Artwork Photographs, symbols Written Computer programme or presentation Audio recording or interview Video recording How people choose to complete the support plan is entirely up to them