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Hotel Classification and Types PowerPoint Presentation
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Hotel Classification and Types

Hotel Classification and Types

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Hotel Classification and Types

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  1. Hotel Classification and Types

  2. Hotel • “Hotel” means commercial establishment providing lodging, meals, and other guest services. • A hotel offers facilities and services. • Facility is something designed, built, installed, to serve a specific function affording a convenience or service. • Service is an act or manner of serving guest. • A hotel also has amenities. • Amenities are things that are available to the visitors within their room

  3. Facilities, services or amenities? • Pool • Air conditioning • Airport shuttle • King-size bed • Golf course • Currencyexchange • Parking area • Hair dresser • Kitchenette • Sauna • Kid Land • Mini-bar • Dry cleaning • Breakfast

  4. Guest Types • Business guest: This types of guest requires internet and fax access. This guest also requires easy or fast access to the Town Centre since he stays for work related purpose. He can use his free time by doing gym, spa, or swimming. • Leisure guest/families guest: they seek entertainment, interesting activities, and sometime seek peaceful environment where they can relax and forget about their daily routine. Family guest also want to spend qualified time with their families member. • Convention guest: this guest is combination between leisure and business guest. He requires space to attend or host the seminar without any disturbance with internet access. After the seminar over, he wishes to relax, and seeks have fun activities and services, similar to those leisure and families guest.

  5. CLASSIFICATION OF HOTELS Based on Location Based on Ownership and Affiliation Based on Target Market HOTEL CLASSIFICATION FACTORS Based on size Based on Star rating Based on Theme Based on Length of Stay Based on Level of Service

  6. Based on Location Resort hotel: • These hotel cater a person who wants to relax, enjoy themselves. • It’s located at hill stations, beaches, lakes, backwater, forest belt. • It providesrecreational service. • A Variety of F&B outlets is available, ranging from informal to fine-dining restaurants. Airport hotel: • These hotels are set up near by the airport. • The guest are business client, transit guest who stay over between flights, airline passanger with cancelled flights, or airline personnel. • Full service. • Room service and restaurant timing may be extended, even offered twenty four hours. City center/Downtown : • It’s generally located in the heart of city within a short distance from business center, shopping arcade. • The service and service are varied

  7. Based on Location Motel: • It’s located primarily on highways • It provide’s lodging to highway travelers and also provide ample parking space. The length of stay is usually overnight. • It offers limited facilities and services. Suburban hotel: • It’s located in suburban areas. • The guests are budget travelers. • Services and facilities might be limited Floating hotel: • It’s on luxury liners or ship. It is located on river, sea or big lakes. • In cruise ships, rooms are generally small and all furniture is fixed down. • It has long stay guest.

  8. Based on ownership Independent Hotel : • They do not have identifiable ownership or management affiliation with other properties. • That means these properties doesn't have any relationship to another hotel regarding policies, procedures , marketing or financial obligations . Chain hotel : • It imposes certain minimum standards, rules , policies and procedures to restrict affiliate activities . • The more centralized the organization, the stronger the control over the individual property . • Some chain have strong control over the architecture, management and standards of affiliate properties . Others concentrate only on marketing , advertising and central purchasing . Time-share hotel: • It involves individual or corporate owner who form an association and hire a management company to operate their units as a hotel or resort.

  9. Based on Star Rating One star • The hotel is often has a more personal atmosphere. • It is usually located near affordable attractions, major intersections and convenient to public transportation. • Furnishings and facilities are clean but basic. • Most will not a restaurant on site. Two star • The hotel is usually small to medium sized . • It’s located to moderately priced attractions. • The facilities typically include telephones and TVs in the bed room. • Some hotels offer limited restaurant service. • Room service and bell service are not usually provided. • Some offers laundry and dry cleaning services.

  10. Based on Star Rating Three star • It offers spacious accommodations that include well appointed rooms, decorated lobbies. • Bell desk services are generally not available. • It’s often located near major express ways or business areas, convenient to shopping and moderate to high priced attractions. • It usually feature medium sized restaurants which offers breakfast through dinner. • Room service availability may vary. • Valet parking, fitness centers, pools are often provided. Four star • Mostly large formal hotels with reception areas, front desk service, and bell desk service. • It’s usually located near shopping, dining, and other major attractions. • The level of service is well above average. • The rooms are well lit and well furnished. • Restaurant dining is usually available and is having more than one choice. • Room service is usually available during most hours. • Valet parking, concierge service, fitness centers, pools are often provided. • It should have a recognized travel agency, book stall, safe deposit facilities, left luggage etc.

  11. Based on Star Rating Five star • It offers the highest level of accommodations and services. • The properties offer a high degree of personal service. • Although most five star hotels are large properties, sometimes the small independent (non-chain) property offers an elegant intimacy that can not be achieved in larger setting. • The hotel locations can vary from the exclusive location of suburban area to heart of the city. • The hotel lobbies are sumptuous. • The rooms complete with stylish furnishings, and high quality linen. • The amenities often include DVD players, Jacuzzis and more. • It feature up to three restaurants with exquisite menus. • Room service is also available 24 hours a day. • Fitness centers, valet parking are typically available. • A concierge is also available to assist you.

  12. Based on Theme Heritage hotel: • A guest is graciously welcomed • It offers rooms that have their own history • Itserves traditional cuisine. • This hotel putsits best efforts to give the glimpse of their region. Ecotels : these are environment friendly hotels these hotel use eco friendly items in the room. Boutique hotels: • This hotel provides exceptional accommodation, furniture in a themed and stylish manner • It caters to corporate travelers.

  13. Based on Level of Service Limited service (economy and budget) • It typically offers guest rooms only. • There is little or no public space. • It has no or very limited food and beverage facilities. Mid • Mid scale hotels offers a wide range of facilities and amenities. • More public space and meeting/function space with at least one food and beverage facility. Luxury hotel • It features upscale decor and furnishings that may be unique to the particular hotel. • It offers a full range of amenities and services. • It typically has a concierge service and several food and beverage operations, including fine dining facilities, banquet area and full room service. • Different types of recreational facilities are also available.

  14. Based on Length of Stay Transit hotel : • Guest stays for a day or even less • It is situated near airport. Residential hotel: • Guest can stay for a minimum period of one month and up to a year. • The rent can be paid on monthly or quarterly basis. • It provides sitting room, bed room and kitchenette.

  15. Based on size • Small hotel: fewer than 25 rooms • Medium hotel: around 26 to 99 rooms • Large Hotel: around 100 to 299 rooms • Major Hotel: more than 300 rooms

  16. Based on Target Market Commercial hotel: • It’s situated in the heart of the city in busy commercial areas so as to get good and high business. • It caters mostly businessmen. Convention hotel: • It has large convention complex • It caters people attending a convention, conference Casino hotel: • Hotel with predominantly gambling facilities comes under this category • It has guest room and food and operation too. • It caters leisure and vacation travelers. • Gambling activities at some casino hotels operate 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

  17. Task Which of those following hotels exist in your city? Mention the name of those hotels; the type of guest stay on those hotel; facilities and services that are offered

  18. THANK YOU ...

  19. Hotel Departement

  20. Classification of Hotel Department Revenue center Front of the house = Costcenter Back of the house =

  21. Hotel Department ‘Revenue centers’ refer to those departments or units which generate direct income to the hotel through the provision of goods and services to guests. ‘Front-of-the-house’ refers to those departments or areas which are accessible and visible by guests. e.g. front desk, restaurants, room service, gift shop and business center

  22. Hotel Department Cost centers’, which are also interpreted as ‘support centers’, mainly assist the functioning of revenue centers with no generations of any direct income for the hotel. ‘Back-of-the-house’, on the contrary, refers to those departments or areas which rarely have staff-to-guest interactions e.g. human resources, housekeeping, accounting and engineering departments.

  23. Organization Chart .... General Manager Resident Manager Security Enginerring Sales & Marketing Human Resources Accounting Room Division Food and Baverage Front Office Housekeeping


  25. Food & Baverage • Kitchen • Restaurant • Room Service • Food • & • Baverage • Banqueting • Catering

  26. General Manager • Providing leadership to the management team • Coordinating the work of all departments • Participating in the formulation of hotel policies and strategies • Leading the hotel staff in meeting the financial, environmental,and community responsibilities • Assuming full responsibilities for the overall performance of the hotel.

  27. Resident Manager • Holding a major responsibility in developing and executing plans developed by the owner(s), the general manager and other members of the management team • Checking on operations, providing feedback and offering assistance when needed • Completing, reviewing and summarizing statistical reports and sharing them with the general manager • Assuming responsibilities for the daily operations and management of the hotel.

  28. Enginering • Maintainingthe physical plant of the hotel such as electricity, plumbing, air conditioning, heating and elevator systems; and for overseeing all mechanical and technical conditions of the hotel.

  29. Security • Implementingprocedures which aim at protecting the safety and security of hotel guests, visitors, hotel employees and the hotel itself. e.g: • Monitoringsurveillance equipment • Patrollingthe hotel premises • Maintainingsecurity alarm systems.

  30. Sales and Marketing • Generatingnew businesses for the hotel • Coordinatingadvertising, as well as sales promotions and public relations activities aiming at enhancing the hotel’s image.

  31. Accounting • Monitoringall of the financial activities of a hotel. e.g: Overseeingaccounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and cost control systems of the hotel Keepingrecords of assets, liabilities and financial transaction of the hotel; Preparingthe monthly profit-and-loss statement Coordinatingwith purchasing department and information technology department Handlingguests s’ inquiries about billing.

  32. Human Resources • Hiring • Training, wages and benefit administration, • Mantaining labor relations, • Mantaining employee relations, • Staffdevelopment.

  33. Telephone • Providing general information regarding the hotel or local attractions to guests over the telephone • Place international calls, morning calls and wake-up calls as required by guests • Providing communication service between certain hotel staff and management staff who are not always in their offices; • Administering the in-room movie system of the hotel • Protecting guest privacy by not disclosing room number, guest information and reporting suspicious person; • Communicating weather emergency to management, engineering, security and guests; and • Performing the role of communications centre in the event of emergency. • Handlling one stop service

  34. Reservation • Handle reservation request and prepare reservation confirmation slips • Request guests to confirm or guarantee their room reservations • Keep records of the details of each reservation and the number of room reservation taken for each night • Provide the front desk with details of room reservation due to arrive the next day; • Prepare VIP lists • Update guest history records

  35. Receptionist • Greeting the guest • Providing information and promoting hotel facilities and services to guests • Checking in the guest • Maintaining guest account • Checking out the guest • Administering the safe deposit system of the hotel • Providing foreign currency exchange service to guest.

  36. Coincerge • Providing information/advice on hotel products/services, entertainment, attractions, sightseeing tours and local restaurants • Confirming airline passages and purchasing airline tickets; • Reserving tables at restaurants and tickets to shows; • Arranging the hire of hotel limousine and other transportation service such as a private jet; and • Handling guest requests and inquiries, e.g. shopping request and an inquiry concerning the direction to a local bank.

  37. Airport Representative • Greeting hotel guests at the airport • Arranging hotel transportation for guests from the airport to the hotel • Answering inquiries from guests about the different means oftransportation available from the airport to the hotel such as airportexpress train, airport shuttle and bus • Taking hotel room bookings • Assisting departing guests at the airport • Liaising with airlines for special arrangements such as wheelchair for guests and the handling of guest baggage lost by the airlines.

  38. Door Attendant • Greeting all new arrivals • Providing door service to guests • Summoning baggage porter to assist arriving guests • Calling taxis and providing the hotel address card for guests

  39. Bell Attendant (bagage porter/bell boy) • Handling guest baggage in and out of the hotel • Escorting check-in guests from the front desk to their rooms and introducing facilities in the room • Running errands for the executive office and hotel guests such as going to the post office buying stamps/sending parcels, doing grocery shopping and obtaining visa for guests • Delivering to guest room newspapers, mail, fax, message and parcel, etc. • Handling storage of guest baggage/belongings for late check-out, next arrival or outsiders to pick up.

  40. Bell Captain (Bagage Supervisor) • Answering telephone calls from guests regarding baggage pick up from room • Assigning baggage porter to handle the guest baggage • Receiving guest article, such as a tailor-made shirt from outsider, and assigning a baggage porter to deliver it to the guest room • Handling guest requests for postal services such as collecting the postage fee of sending a parcel from the guest.

  41. Housekeeping

  42. ACTIVITY : Which department should handle the following situations Guest missing watch in his room A recent arrived guest who needs room A guest who wants to order room service A guest complaining the room’s air conditioner that is not working properly. A hotel that is planning event for club membersip to attract more business A hotel general manager needs to know the report of th ehotel revenue for the past 3 months Newly hired hotel personel undergoing orientation Room divisionF &B EnginerringSales and marketing Security Accounting Human resources

  43. Task... Write about your future careers, jobs, ambitions, or dream in the hospitality industries as well as the reason for choosing your careers and how you plan to achieve your objective.

  44. THANK YOU ...