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  1. GLOGSTER EDU Central Alabama Regional Education In-service Center Alabama State University Technology in Motion Specialist Peyton Phillips

  2. GLOGSTER EDU Introduction Video

  3. What is a GLOG? • Glogs are interactive, multi-media posters that can include text, images, and video. They are web-based and can be accessed and edited day or night. And did I mention FREE?

  4. Examples • Best of GLOGS • Clouds • Pilgrims • Triangles • Reading-The Watson's Go to Birmingham

  5. How Can GLOGS Be Used? • Book Talks • Teacher interactive page • Classroom webpage • Informative poster • Biographies • Scrapbook • Timelines • Idea sharing • Web Quest • Interactive presentations • Book reports • Research paper resource page • Digital presentations • Introduce a lesson or unit of study • Newsletter • Tutorials • Electronic portfolios

  6. Matches Standards Indicators Related to AQTS 3: Literacy • Alabama Quality Teaching Standard 3: To improve student learning and achievement, teachers use knowledge of effective oral and written communications, reading, mathematics, and technology to facilitate and support direct instruction, active inquiry, collaboration, and positive interaction. Utilizing Technology Indicators: • 3.7 Identifies and integrates available emerging technologies into the tacking of all content areas. • 3.8 Facilitates learners' individual and collaborative use of technology and evaluates their technological proficiency.

  7. Let’s Get Started • • Creating Account and Getting Started

  8. Creating GLOGS

  9. Tools for Creating Glogster gets you started with a GLOG they created. To get rid of the images, click on the image and then click on the pink trash can.

  10. The Background is the “Wall” To change the wall , pick a category and through the pages choices. To use one, click on it then click “USE IT.” The Wall can be changed at any point.

  11. Adding Text To add text boxes, choose “TEXT” then click , “USE IT.” Text boxes can be edited. You can change the color, size, location, and direction. If text is too large for the container, not to worry…you will get a scroll bar.

  12. Editing Click EDIT to make changes. Can change color. Link to a Website Change effects Change font, color, and style

  13. Graphics Graphics can enhance the appearance of your project. Some are even animated. There are pages and pages of graphics in many categories. Find what you like and click “USE IT.” It is possible to change colors, size and direction of graphics.

  14. Images Adding images is easy. Click UPLOAD and find the picture. When the picture has uploaded, it will appear in the window. Click the picture, then click “USE IT.” If you would like to frame your picture, click “FRAMES,” then click “USE IT.”

  15. Sound, Music, & Videos • Glogster allows you to add sound, music, and videos. You will just need to Upload the files first.

  16. Save and Publish Name your GLOG, Select Category, then click “SAVE and PUBLISH.” If you are not finished…Click “CONTINUE EDITING” to go back to work

  17. You are an official GLOGGER! • Resources • • • • • Adding student’s tutorial