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Anansi and the lion king PowerPoint Presentation
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Anansi and the lion king

Anansi and the lion king

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Anansi and the lion king

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  1. Anansi and the lion king By Caleb Thornber

  2. PAGE ONE • Anansi went for a walk and there was a Lion king. He was very tired. “How are you Lion king?” “I am exhausted and hungry Anansi and you should come for lunch.”

  3. PAGE TWO • “Come for lunch Anansi?” “Ok” answered Anansi. So off they went to Lion king’s castle. Anansi saw a massive castle.

  4. PAGE THREE • Anansi went inside this massive castle. It took Anansi an hour to get to the dinning room. Anansi was amazed at the massive table.

  5. PAGE FOUR • “Lion king where’s the drinks? You need to get the drinks, so go and get the drinks?” “Ok.” So off Lion king went to his wine cellar. “Which one Anansi?” “Cava.”

  6. PAGE FIVE • While Lion king was getting some cava Anansi was sticking all the food onto a web on the roof so Lion king could not see all the food. “Wheres the food Anansi?” “I don’t know I was on the toilet.” “You can go home Anansi.”

  7. PAGE SIX • Anansi did it again the next day but he got Lion king to get some fruit. While Anansi got the food in a web bag and made a run for it and didn’t get seen. He also did it again but got Lion king to get some napkins. Anansi got all the food in web bag and made a run for it.

  8. PAGE SEVEN • A day later Lion king found out about Anansi stealing the food. Lion king was planning his own back. =

  9. PAGE EGHIT • Lion king posted a letter to Anansi. And the letter said: Anansi come to my house at 8:30 for tea and don’t be late there will be lots of food

  10. PAGE NINE • Lion king walked to his clock, moved the minute hand five minutes forward so Anansi was late. When Anansi got to Lion king’s castle and went inside to the dining room but there was no food on the table. “Anansi your late I ate all the food so it didn’t get cold.”

  11. THE END • Anansi walked home very tired and hungry. Morel: Don’t be greedy