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The Battle of France

The Battle of France

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The Battle of France

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  1. The Battle of France By:Cassidy D. Lexie H. Nelson C. Chris B. and Austin E.

  2. Thesis: The Battle of France was retribution to Hitler for the impacts of the Treaty of Versailles at the end of World War One, which gave rise to Germany’s hatred for France and empowered Hitler’s desire of taking overall control of France, leading to the fall of Paris and the realization that Germany might win the war.

  3. Case Yellow (Fall Gelb) May 10th, 1940 • Nazi invasion of Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands • All three countries were defeated in a matter of days • Entire invasion was a fake out to draw the French and English armies into Belgium and surround them • France’s best troops and the entire British Expeditionary Force responded to the invasion • The Germans advanced into France and pushed to the English channel in four days, cutting off and surrounding the English and the French

  4. Case Red (Fall Rot) June 5th, 1940 • Based on the success of Fall Gelb or Case Yellow , Germany attacks France • It consisted of two sub operations • The preliminary attack was conducted to the West over the river Somme in the direction of the Seine on June 5,1940 • The main attack began on June 9, 1940 in the center of France near the Aisne river where the Germans penetrated the French Maginot Line, allowing their armor units and storm troops to cut off the armies stationed in the bunkers on June 17. • On the same day France cease fired and surrendered on June 25, 1940

  5. Operation Dynamo • Evacuation from Dunkirk of May 27- June 4 1940 • Result of the German’s successful execution of Fall Gelb, Case Yellow • evacuation was ordered on 26 May 1940, operating under the direction of Vice Admiral Ramsey • the evacuation was carried out by a force of destroyers, yachts and other vessels

  6. Weather Impact • Weather conditions resulted in the French coast being covered in very low cloud • the Luftwaffe were unable to carry out attacks against the beach head

  7. Impact of Operation Dynamo • Operation Dynamo resulted in the evacuation of 200,000 British troops, as well as 130,000 French and 10,000 from other nations • Allies had troops to carry on the war, forces would have been very minimal if the operation did not succeed

  8. Major Generals General Viscount Gort: Commander of the British Expeditionary Force during Operation Dynamo Vice Admiral Ramsey: British admiral during WWII, responsible for Dunkirk Evacuation Charles de Gaulle: Brigadier-General of the French army Philippe Petain: The Prime Minister of France and who would later aid the Axis Powers and make France a Nazi state

  9. France Afterwards • France surrendered on 22 June. • It ripped up the balance of power in Europe between France, Germany, and Britain. • The Vichy Regime was the French government which succeeded the Third Republic from July 1940 to August 1944. • Took its name from the governments administrative center in Vishy, southeast of Paris. • The Vichy Regime was proclaimed by Marshal Philippe Petain who was known for his partaking in the defence of Verdun in World War I. • Civil jurisdiction of the Vichy government extended over the whole metropolitan France, except for Alsace- Lorraine, a disputed territory which was placed under German administration. • Vichy collaborated with Nazi Germany,instituting fascist policies and a new constitution of the state. • Left Britain to be the sole opposition to the Nazi’s with little of hope of victory. Those against Hitler felt shock and fear when France collapsed in only a few weeks.

  10. Timeline of Key Events July 11,1940-Vichy government is established May 27- June 4- Operation Dynamo May 10,1940- Nazi Germany invades Belgium June 25,1940- The Fall of Paris August 19,1944- France is liberated from Germany

  11. Importance • Total Number of Deaths: 360,000 French • The fall of France left Britain to be the sole opposition to the Nazi’s with little of hope of victory. Those against Hitler felt shock and fear when France collapsed in only a few weeks.

  12. And Do the Hitler Jig

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