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Things to Know Before You Replace Canadian Windows

You may have reasons why you want to replace your aged windows. But, before you replace them, it is wise to know these things first. To give you more idea about whether or not it is wise to replace your old windows. We have compiled some of the things that you need to know before you even purchase new windows.

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Things to Know Before You Replace Canadian Windows

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  1. Things to Know Before You Replace Canadian Windows

  2. How much are you willing to spend for your new windows? Is it more economical to replace them instead of just fixing the issues? Will you replace Canadian windows by yourself or will you hire a professional team to do it for you? What type of window will you install? How many years will you be living with your new windows? These are just the common questions often asked by many homeowners. Before having your windows replaced, ask yourself these few questions first.

  3. Quality of material When thinking about the kind of window to purchase, consider its quality. The windows made out of solid wood that are sold today are no longer as durable and sturdy as they were around 50 years or more ago. Unlike the old days, the lumber offered in the market today are farmed quickly instead of letting them grow slowly and naturally. Instead of choosing solid wood windows, you can go with the more affordable yet equally beautiful and sturdy vinyl windows. If you really like solid wood windows, consider covering them with an aluminum skin so they don't rot fast.

  4. Improve aesthetics If you decide on replacing your window to improve your home's aesthetics then you must have good reasons. If you want to sell your house, replacing your windows will increase its value provided you have chosen the right type of window. However, if you have picked the wrong ones, it may lower your house’s value instead. Consider warranties and repair, energy efficiency, beauty, durability, design, quality, and maintenance when picking windows.

  5. Consider fixing the problems Unless they're damaged, you may not need to replace your old windows. There are problems with your windows that can still be fixed. It does not mean that because your windows are hard to open, or they won't stay open for long and closes by themselves, or if they are already rattly or drafty, you will have to replace them immediately. Perhaps they just need repairs or restoration.

  6. Return on investment One of the primary reasons why homeowners replace their window is for energy saving. But since windows are just a fraction of your entire home structure, they will offer you a total energy saving of merely around 5 to 15 percent. So, if you spend a total of $1,000 annually for your cooling and heating system, you will have to wait before you can see any return on investment. Before you replace your windows, it's good to be aware that they won't pay for themselves.

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