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The Holocaust

The Nazi's Take Control. The Nazi's pass many Anti-Jewish Laws in order to punish Jews living in Germany.. Anti-Jewish Laws. Jews were forbidden to live with, marry or to have extramarital relations with persons of German blood.they were denied access to certain city areas, sidewalks, transportatio

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The Holocaust

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    1. The Holocaust A Tale of a Jew from Pre-WWII Germany to the End of WWII

    2. The Nazis Take Control The Nazis pass many Anti-Jewish Laws in order to punish Jews living in Germany.

    3. Anti-Jewish Laws Jews were forbidden to live with, marry or to have extramarital relations with persons of German blood. they were denied access to certain city areas, sidewalks, transportation, places of amusement, & restaurants. They could not do certain jobs like be a dentist, doctor, lawyer, farmer, or in radio.

    4. Anti-Jewish Laws Continued If you were a Jew you had to pay taxes just because you were Jewish. All Jewish homes, businesses, bank accounts, and real estate were taken away by the German Government.

    5. WWII Begins When WWII begins in 1939, Jews are required to wear gold stars that show that they are Jewish.

    6. Jews are moved Many Jews are rounded up and moved to areas for just Jews to live in. These areas are often really over-crowded and the conditions are very bad.

    7. Ghettos Many of the designated areas for Jews are called Ghettos, because of the horrible conditions. One of these was the Lodz Ghetto in Poland.

    8. Lodz

    9. Life in Lodz There was a lot of corruption within Jewish Ghettos. Jews could get jobs but most times people would have to give bribes to get a job. Most jobs would involve working for German business men who used Jews for cheap labor.

    11. Life in Lodz Jewish Ghettos were fenced off and sealed. The Jews were given little food and had to fend for themselves. Jews were not permitted to leave the Ghetto unless they had proper papers to work outside of the Ghetto.

    14. The War turns for Nazis As the War went on, the Nazis needed more labor to keep supplying Nazi Troops. This forced the Nazis to move Jews from Ghettos to Concentration Camps. This was called Liquidating a Ghetto.

    15. Jews are moved to Concentration Camps.

    16. Arrival at Auschwitz Jews would arrive at Auschwitz on foot or by train. When they arrived they would then be separated by males and females. Then Nazi soldiers would decide who was to be executed and who was to do labor in the camp.

    17. Work is Freedom

    18. Auschwitz

    20. Labor Camps Most men and a few young women were selected to work in Labor Camps within Auschwitz. They would build new buildings to the Auschwitz camp.

    21. Labor Camps Jews also would have to do the work that Nazi soldiers did not want to do. Jobs like moving dead bodies, filling in mass graves, burning dead bodies, and cleaning crematories.

    22. Life in Auschwitz There were many different Camps in Auschwitz. Each was fenced off from the other camps. Conditions would be horrible. There was little to wear to stay warm and the barracks were unsanitary.

    24. The Final Solution The Final Solution was Hitlers plan to execute Jews in Europe. Killing of Jews was done in several ways within concentration camps.

    25. Executions, the Beginning.. At the Beginning of WWII, Nazi soldiers would dig mass graves and shot Jews so that they fell into the graves.

    27. Nazi Killing Methods change

    28. The Most Efficient Method of Killing. The Nazis were killing too many Jews for the Vans to handle. So the Nazis began to build Gas Chambers and Crematories at Auschwitz. This made Auschwitz the main Concentration Camp for the execution of Jews at the end of WWII.

    30. The Process of Killing Jews would be told they would be disinfected and be able to take a shower. Jews would then line up outside the Gas Chamber and remove their cloths. They would fold them. (This made it easier for Nazi guard to gather up the cloths after they were killed).

    32. After the Deaths After the Gassing of the Jewish Prisoners the bodies would be taken to a Crematory. This is where the bodies were burned to be disposed of.

    33. The End of the War Towards the end of WWII the Nazis wanted to cover up what they had done in the Concentration Camps. So Nazi soldiers took prisoners who could march and made them leave the camp with them. The other prisoners were left to starve to death in the cold of the abandoned Concentration Camps. The Nazis also destroyed gas Chambers and Crematories to hide what they had done.

    34. The Last days

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