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Divergent Veronica Roth

Divergent Veronica Roth

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Divergent Veronica Roth

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  1. Kelsie Willamor DivergentVeronica Roth Publisher: HarperCollins e-books Year of Publication: 2011

  2. Life as the world once knew it is gone. The world has changed, so have humans, and the way they run their government. Five factions, five valued traits: Amity values peace; Abnegation values selflessness; Erudite values knowledge; dauntless values courage; and Candor values honesty. A utopia, a perfect society, is what these factions are supposed to make this futuristic Chicago Beatrice grew up in as the child of two Abnegation members. But today is the day she is 16, the day she takes a test to decide her faction and the day she will choose which faction she wants to belong to. The following days will decide her fate. Her friends and family, and Beatrice herself, aresure that she will stay with Abnegation. Leaving her with a not so helpful test and she has to make the decision all on her own. The shocking thing is she may just be tempted to chose the fascinating yet intimidating Dauntless.

  3. Protagonist: Tris is the protagonist, “good guy”, in this story, Divergent. Tris is selfless which when in danger makes her incredibly brave. She is also very strong, emotionally and physically. She is always looking out for her family and friends, and sometimes people she does not even know. Antagonist: the antagonist in Divergent is Peter. Peter is physically powerful and very competitive. Mentally however, he is portrayed as cowardly. He takes cheap shots and attacks people smaller than him. He is also very envious, especially of Tris (Beatrice) and her instinctive greatness.

  4. Central Conflict Abnegation and Erudite factions have never worked together. The Erudite believe that the Abnegation faction is stealing from the government and abusing the society’s resources. The president of the Erudite, Jeanine, is shockingly intelligent and also slightly conniving. She has a brilliant plan and a brilliant weapon. But two people are in her way: Tris and Four. She plans to take them out and Tris’ old and new faction along with them. And Tris is determined to stop her.

  5. Christina: A friend of Tris from the first day of initiation. She was born Dauntless and she is the girlfriend of Will. She is always there for Tris and believes in her. Four (Tobias): Famous for only having four fears. Tris’ boyfriend. He was ranked first in his initiation group, and he became a Dauntless leader. Caleb: Tris’ brother. Truly selfless. Chooses Erudite and kept his choice a secret until the choosing ceremony. Protective of his family.

  6. The New York Times said: “I couldn’t help imagining this world as I read “Divergent.’” Critics Reviews The Book Smuggles said: Although Divergent is an exciting, entertaining, and well written book, it, “falls short in the ultimately dystopian test.”

  7. Divergent is definitely an extraordinary book. It is full of action and even a little romance. The characters are all so lovable and complex, you really get to know them. The book has a good pace and a very strong story line, I would definitely recommend this book to anybody and everybody. Veronica Roth has a very creative mind and has put it to great use in this book. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.