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4th Grade Curriculum Night

4th Grade Curriculum Night. Pinkerton Elementary 2013-2014. Saddle Up With PRIDE. P ractice responsibility R emain safe I nclude others D isplay respect E ngage in learning. Pinkerton. P. R. I. D. E. 4 th grade Behavior Incentives.

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4th Grade Curriculum Night

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  1. 4th Grade Curriculum Night Pinkerton Elementary 2013-2014

  2. Saddle Up With PRIDE P ractice responsibility R emain safe I nclude others D isplay respect E ngage in learning

  3. Pinkerton P R I D E

  4. 4th grade Behavior Incentives • Cowboy Cash: Refer to section in handout • Always located in student planner as reference • Super Stetson Club: Student recognition for demonstrating an IB attitude

  5. How will I know about my child’s behavior at school? • In the student planner, the last blank box at the bottom of every page is for Teacher/Parent communication. • If a student was fined with Cowboy Cash, the teacher will mark it in the planner. • Please refer to the Cowboy Cashinformation sheet attached to the planner cover to understand the teacher mark.

  6. How will my child be graded this year?


  8. Standard Based Report Cards • For the first time, 4th grade will have 2 reporting systems. • Standard Numerical/Letter grades • Standard Based Report Cards (as you have seen in previous grades) (see handout)

  9. 4th grade CISD Assessments Math: MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) – BOY, EOY Spelling: Elementary Spelling Inventory – BOY, EOY Reading: Fluency - Every 9 weeks Comprehension – MAZE – Boy, EOY MAP (Measures of Academic Progress)-BOY, EOY Science: MAP (Measures of Academic Progress)-BOY, EOY

  10. 4th grade Texas State Assessments • STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness): • Writing: April 1stand April 2nd • Math: April 22nd • Reading: April 23rd • More information will follow

  11. How will I be updated on my child’s progress? • Grades on Portal • District Progress Report - Mid-Nine Weeks (if below a 74% in any subject area) • Report Card and Standard Based Report Card (every 9 weeks)

  12. How will my child keep track of their daily work? • Red… Daily Take Home folder- goes home every night and may contain work that needs to be completed and sent back the next day along with any important papers/forms from the office or teacher. • PLANNER- parents should sign EVERY day

  13. On what day does graded work go home? • On Monday, red Monday Folders will go home • Inside contains: graded work and papers/forms from the office • Please EMPTY, sign the inside sheet on the appropriate week and send back on Tuesday!

  14. How will my child keep track of their daily work? • Folders- all folders except red and white (Math Games) are used in class for assignments. Please do not clean out, move, or attempt to organize these folders. • Journals and Spirals- these are used in class and should only be used by the students to complete their own assignment/homework. Please do not tear out or write in notebooks. We appreciate your help in creating organized, independent and responsible learners.

  15. What will my child learn this year in Reading? • We will practice skills through novel studies, guided reading groups, and mini lessons • Reading response through journaling and blogs • Non-fiction texts/research skills • DAILY FIVE

  16. What will my child learn this year in Writing? • Expository pieces- informative and compare/contrast • Narrative pieces- fictional and personal • Editing compositions • Grammar • How to use the writing process in different subjects and in their lives

  17. What will my child learn this year in Spelling? • How to be accountable spellers in their daily writing • Bi-Weekly word study lists that follow a phonetic pattern • Word sorts and word work • Spelling Assessments

  18. Math:Investigations • Unit 1: Multiplication and Division • Unit 2: Data Analysis and Probability • Unit 3: Multiplication and Division 2 • Unit 4: 2D Geometry and Measurement • Unit 5: Addition, Subtraction and Number System • Unit 6: Fractions and Decimals • Unit 7: 3D Geometry and Measurement • Unit 8: Multiplication and Division 3 • Unit 9: Patterns, Functions and Change

  19. Math Game Folder Students will play the game in their white folder 3 nights a week for a minimum of 20 minutes Document name of game and minutes played on Math Log located at the front of the folder along with parent signature

  20. What will my child learn this year in Science? Many lessons are hands-on, student-centered labs • Lab Safety • Scientific Method • Earth Science • Life Science • Physical Science

  21. What will my child learn this year in Social Studies? Texas History • Regions of Texas • Geography of Texas • Native Texans • Texas Independence • Famous Texans • Pioneers • Texas Government

  22. What does IB mean?

  23. Fall IB Units • How We Express Ourselves People use a variety of techniques and mediums to express their ideas, feelings and beliefs. 2. Sharing the Planet Man-made and natural systems interact and have an impact on each other. 3.How We Organize Ourselves Government and economics influence a group.

  24. Spring IB Units 4. Where We Are in Place and Time Migration impacts opportunities and settlements. 5. Who We Are Ones’ beliefs and leadership can lead to conflict or cooperation. 6. How the World Works Discoveries and innovations impact society and the environment.

  25. 4th Grade Field Trips *Trinity River Audubon Center- October 4, 2013 *Perot Museum with Dart ride- Spring 2013 *Fort Worth Stockyards- Spring 2013

  26. How will I know what is going on in my child’s classroom? Weekly Newsletter • Will be emailed at the beginning of the week • Teacher webpage on Pinkerton website • Paper copy will be sent home only at request The weekly newsletter will include dates to remember, our week in review, test information, class supplies needed, websites that correlate with our lessons, and other communications that you need to be aware of.

  27. What if I want to volunteer in my child’s classroom? • Please sign in at the office • Please get a visitors pass from the office • All volunteers need to have filled out a Criminal Background check prior to volunteering

  28. What if my child is absent or tardy? • Students have one day for every day absent to return their missed work • Please notify the teacher by 10:00 a.m. if you want work sent home that day. All work may be picked up in the office at the end of the day. • Your child’s absence is unexcused until a written note is turned in within 5 days of the absence • Please have your child at school by 7:50!

  29. How will I celebrate my child’s birthday? • Please email your child's teacher prior to your child’s birthday to plan accordingly • Treats are eaten around 2:40 in your child’s homeroom class • Invitations to all students if distributed at school

  30. 4th grade Volunteer opportunities “There is no greater gift than the gift of time!” • Mystery Reader (designated Fridays) • Pinky’s Soda Shoppe! ( 50th day of school) • Cowpoke Credit Union (designated Fridays) • Field Trips • Class Parties • Pumpkin Math (October 31st) • Fourth Grade Extravaganza (last week of school)

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