a tour around leighswood school n.
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A Tour Around Leighswood School PowerPoint Presentation
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A Tour Around Leighswood School

A Tour Around Leighswood School

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A Tour Around Leighswood School

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  1. A Tour Around Leighswood School Click on the arrows on the plan to learn more about our school.

  2. A map of our school End Tour

  3. Grid Reference 0102 Teachers Car Park This is the view looking towards the school playing field. In the distance you can see the football goal posts. Beyond the hedge there are factories. We have lots of trees planted around our school. On the right you can see the teachers car park, which is by the Key Stage 2 entrance. Football Field Trees Return to map

  4. School Hall Here is the car park where some of the teachers and visitors park their cars. Grid Reference 0103 Round this corner is the school entrance Can you see the four big windows ? It is the school hall. The whole school have assemblies here each morning. Return to map

  5. The Hall Grid Reference 0104 Hall Windows The Kitchen Large Curtains From this point you can see the top of our school and the hall windows that is where we have our class assembly. At morning brake we go to the kitchen where we can buy toast, crumpets or bagels, there is also fruit drinks. At lunchtime , the hall turns into our dinning hall, and this is where we eat our sandwiches we bring from home. Return to map

  6. Houses Grid Reference 0309 Hedge Sports field In this picture you can see the houses behind our school there is a small hedge so we can stay safe. The field is used for sports day and games lessons. We can play football here or rounders also we can run around the running track. Return to map

  7. Year 3 Classrooms Grid Reference 0308 Y3/Y4 Pupil Entrance Year 3 pupils on the playground Our Field When I took this picture I was standing on the school field. From here you can see a year three class doing games. You can also see the Y3 classrooms the only classrooms that are upstairs. The Y5 classrooms are on the ground floor. Return to map

  8. Year 3 Classrooms The School Hall Grid Reference 0607 Y5/Y6 Pupil Entrance I was standing in the corner of the Key Stage two playground looking back at the Key Stage Two building. From here you can see the two Y3 classrooms that are the only two rooms that are upstairs. Y3 are having their games lesson today in the beautiful Spring sunshine. Return to map

  9. The Woods Grid Reference 0409 The Field This is a wood next to our school called Leigh’s Wood, which is where our school gets its name from. There is a fence separating the wood from our school. The wood is full of silver birch trees, oak trees, rowan trees and ash trees. It is also home to a large selection of wildlife including squirrels and foxes. Return to map

  10. The Wood Grid Reference 0408 The Long Jump The Field This is the far side of the sports field. In the distance you can see the sand pit at the end of the long jump. We use this during the summer term. Return to map

  11. Hut Grid Reference 1005 Hill Wood This is a outdoor classroom. Children would sit here on a warm day. There is a big hill shaped like a horse shoe under a tree that keeps the people underneath shaded from the sun. in the background you can see the Key Stage Two building and on the right is Leigh’s Wood. Return to map

  12. Bin Grid Reference 0703 Bench Rocks I was standing in the black Key stage 2 playground facing the Leigh’s Wood, which is next to our school. Around some of the trees we have wooden benches that we can use at playtime, great from chatting to friends. Also in our playground we have two carved rocks. Return to map

  13. Our Leighswood Logo In this picture you can see the Leighswood rock. Memories are engraved in the rock. It is in the maze area where we go and have fun with our teacher. The rocks have more than twenty engravings on them, some drawings and some writing. There is a small stone platform underneath. Grid Reference 0803 Children placed stones in the path to create a pattern Return to map

  14. Trees Grid Reference 0805 Flower Bed If you stand by the wood and look back towards Key Stage One, you can see the flowerbed which has spring daffodils starting to flower. Around the flowerbed is a path with special messages written into it, left by children who have now gone to Secondary School. Return to map

  15. Black Playground Grid Reference 0603 Wordsearch This is a picture of a word search on our playground. It was painted on the floor because of a maths project although it is not a maths grid. I was standing in the corner of a black playground which is between the Key stage Two playground and Key Stage One playground looking towards Key Stage One Return to map

  16. Return to map Graffiti Wall Classes Hall Grid Reference 0903 Fence Playgrounds This is the view from the black playground which is separating the two other playgrounds. From here you can see the graffiti wall made of paintings painted by pupils who used to be in year 6. So now they have left their mark. You can also see some Y2 classes and the Key Stage One Hall . A Y2 class are having their games lesson outside in the gorgeous sunshine. The yellow fence is where we have a music trail, designed by children in Y1 and Y2.

  17. The talking flowers Grid Reference 1004 The Swinging Triangle Drums Here is the SoundTrail, just beside the Key Stage One classrooms. From here you can see the flowers that you can talk through and a lot of trees. Also you can see a swinging triangle, yellow poles, metal drums and a wooden walkway with things that when you tap them, they make a noise. There is quite a lot of leaves on the ground from the autumn. Key Stage One’s Sound Trail is really very pretty! Return to map

  18. Year Two Class Rooms Grid Reference 1006 When I took this picture I was standing just by the yellow fence. In this picture you can see one classroom and a bit of the sound trail. We use the sound trail to explore different sounds and understand how they are made. Return to map

  19. The Children Centre Grid Reference 0803 TheBench Return to map This is part of the Children’s Centre, where children can go before and after school. It wasn't made that long ago. It is part of a little garden. In front is a small bench. It is used to sit on when people are outside playing and they want a rest. This bench is made out of sticks and stones. There are lots of new plants planted here.

  20. Houses Year 4 Classroom Monkey Net Grid Reference 0603 Climbing Wall Balance Beam Next to the Key Stage Two playground is our ‘Trim Trail’. We play on here a class at a time, sometimes at lunch time or with our class during our games lesson. Behind the Trim Trail you can see a Y4 classroom and some houses which are over the road from the school. Return to map

  21. Grid Reference 1306 This is our bike park. Children who travel to school using bikes and scooters, can leave their bikes here until the end of school. This is a new area at our school. Each year we have a walk to school week when every pupil tries to travel to school by foot rather than in the car Return to map

  22. KS1 Kitchen Grid Reference 1204 Fence to keep us safe Pond This is the view from the Key Stage One Hall. In the courtyard we have a small pond where we can watch the fish and find many insects. Return to map

  23. Outdoor Workshop Grid Reference 1302 Foundation Classrooms Storytelling chair This is the area in front of the Foundation classrooms. There are lots of activities for the younger children including wooden seats and a story telling chair. In the distance you can see the new outdoor workshop where the children can work with work to create pieces of art. Return to map

  24. Grid Reference 1403 This is the main entrance into the school. Visitors to the school and parents come into the school here. School uniform can be purchased here with the school logo on, sweatshirts, ties, P.E. kits and school bags. Return to map

  25. Grid Reference 0303 This is the entrance to Key Stage Two. The teachers come into the school this way. The children come into the school by doors from the playground. Visitors have to ring the buzzer and speak to Mrs. Baker in the office, before they come into school. Return to map

  26. Thank you for taking part in our creative maths project We hope you have enjoyed the visual tour around our school. Class 4P Spring 2009