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  2. PUERTO RICO Indigenous cultures thrived in Puerto Rico for centuries until Columbus arrived in 1493. The island remained under Spanish colonial rule for more than 400 years. After its defeat in the Spanish American War in 1898, Puerto Ricans received United States citizenship. Today Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the U.S.

  3. El Viejo San Juan – The streets reflect colonial times

  4. San Juan- The capital of Puerto Rico that is located in the northeastern section of island.

  5. Isabela- The beautiful beaches are well known for their big waves.

  6. El Yunque- 113 km squared. The National park of the Caribbean.

  7. El coquí- named for the sounds it makes, it is the most famous amphibian of Puerto Rico.

  8. El béisbol- the national sport, it unites people of all ages. El sóftbol—paramujeres

  9. La Cordillera Central- el flamboyant is the tree with red flowers and grows in this central mountain region.

  10. Las habichuelas- beans eaten with rice and chicken or beef

  11. Turistas y sanjuaneros- people enjoy the delicious food in outdoor cafes.

  12. El pollofrito con tostones- Fried chicken and twice fried plantain patties.

  13. El Museo de Arte de Ponce- “el Retrato de un Oficial del Regimento Fijo (1790), waspaintedby José Campeche, one of themostfamouspainters of Puerto Rico.

  14. Las máscaras de vejigante- These masks are made of dried coconut and are painted in black and red and have horns.

  15. La culturataína- it was the dominant culture in Puerto Rico before the arrival of Christopher Colón in 1493. This type of art preserves the pre-Columbian tradition.

  16. La Fiesta de Santiago- it is celebrated in LoízaAldea for a week with music.

  17. El Festival Casals- created by Pablo Casals, it has been a festival for more than 40 years that is dedicated to classical music.


  19. El Parque de Bombas- located in Ponce, it is a museum dedicated to the history of the famous bodies of firemen from Ponce.

  20. Ponce- (la perla del Sur)- it is known for the fine architecture of its houses.

  21. El Morro – SpanishFortress

  22. Where is the Cordillera Central? • In central Puerto Rico.

  23. How many kilometers squared is the Yunque? • 113 Km squared

  24. What is the capital of Puerto Rico? • San Juan

  25. What beach is known for its large waves? • Isabella

  26. What is the name of the most famous amphibian in Puerto Rico? • el coquí

  27. What are habichuelas? • Beans

  28. How long is the Festival of Santiago celebrated? • One week

  29. What are the mascaras of vejigante made of? • Mask of dried coconut

  30. What type of music is dedicated to the Festival Casals? • Classical Music

  31. Who is José Campeche? • One of the most famous painters of Puerto Rico

  32. Label your map:

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