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2006 Product of the Year PowerPoint Presentation
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2006 Product of the Year

2006 Product of the Year

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2006 Product of the Year

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  1. ResumeMirror Extraction for Enterprise Technology- For PeopleSoft eRecruit & Talent Acquisition Manager- Plus ResumeMirror Conceptual Search Technology Overview (Slides 23-27)BY: Kevin C. VondemkampWestern Regional Director Business 807-3557

  2. To View Press Release: 2006 Product of the Year 2

  3. What are your “pain points” and how do they affect your Recruiting efforts? • Recruiters do not enter resume data they received due to the high threshold of pain? • Recruiters stash resumes on their computer outside of PeopleSoft? • Contract recruiters are not providing us a copy of all resume data they receive? • Job Seekers prefer to provide an email than maintain a Job Board profile? • Job Seekers will not manually enter data on our apply online form? • Our apply online form is experiencing a high drop-off rate? • We are spending too much money and time processing resume data? • Klicks Kill – too many clicks are eliminating required processes. • Insuring “Legal Compliance” for the receipt of resume data in any form? • Search Technology is “Key Word Oriented” and does not produce adequate results. Do your pain points create new “unknown” processes? What are your Pain Points? 3

  4. Resume Processing 101

  5. The “Basic Rules” for data capture 10 years ago still apply today: • Garbage In – Garbage Out: Still applies today, accuracy is important. • Job Seekers want to differentiate themselves:There is no industry standard format for a resume. • Duplication Management is required:Job Seekers are tricky (i.e. 2 different emails). • Resume Source is important:Dictates where to spend marketing dollars. • OCR to Text Conversion is not a perfect science: Most misunderstood issue. • Job Seekers are Consumers: Apple sees a Job Seeker as a “Consumer”. • Job Seeker/ Recruiter Experience:If given an option, the lowest threshold of pain will be selected. • Passive vs. Aggressive Job Seekers:The “unemployed” are willing to spend more time. • Legal Compliance:Retention is still a requirement (image uploading vs. paper storage). • Resume Processing as a function, service or technological process:Mission critical. REPORT and SEARCH What has not changed…? 5

  6. Applications Why do Companies put Resumes in a Database and Handwritten Applications in a File Cabinet? • Applications can be processed just like resumes – BOTH CAN BE PUT INTO THE DATABASE • Not all Job Seekers have a resume, and not all Job Postings require a resume. • Applications require indexing, for no text summary is available like a resume. • In addition, an image of the original application is uploaded to the candidate profile – NO MORE HARD COPY STORAGE REQUIRED. Don’t forget about Applications… 6

  7. Are you thinking about the Job Seeker, Recruiter or Hiring Manager Experience? How much pain will your company inflict? No way, too much work! Force Job Seeker, Recruiter or Hiring Manager to use an online form requiring manual data entry. Very time consuming! What impression does this leave with the Job Seeker? • Volume Decreases (Passive?) • Quality Decreases • Hiring Cost Increase Very irritating Force Job Seeker, Recruiter or Hiring Manager to cut/paste resume text and manually enter all required fields. Extra work required by the Job Seeker. No email log or profile link to review. Not too painful Force Job Seeker, Recruiter or Hiring Manager to use an online form with extraction technology. Extraction Technology helps to alleviate the pain. The Pain Begins Quick & easy Accept or upload resume data in any form: Online form, Direct Mail, Email or Fax. Preferred method by Job Seekers Increasing the “Threshold of Pain” on the Job Seeker or your Internal Staff is not a successful data capture strategy! So what is your data capture strategy…? 7

  8. Manual resume processing was a requirement in the early 1990’s, for newly developed ATS products depended on the indexing of data to work efficiently. Since this point in time, it has been a necessary evil, and the processing of email, fax and hardcopy resume data has been avoided at all cost.  Avoiding this need has created new processes in which both the “Job Seeker” and “Recruiter” experience has deteriorated, creating a non-passive candidate database or isolated sources of information outside the database of record. During a down economy this strategy may be successful, but as Job Seekers once again gain leverage, this strategy will fail and costs will increase. 1990 100% Hard Copy Resumes ($2.50 In-House) 1995 75% Hard Copy Resumes 25% Email Resumes 1997 75% Email Resumes 25% Hard Copy Resumes 2000% Online Self Service % Automated Processing Technology % Email Resumes (Referrals…) % Hard Copy Resume 2002 % Online Self Service % Automated Processing Technology % Kiosk (3 U’s) % Email Resumes (Referrals…) % Hard Copy Resumes % Hand-written Applications 2005ResumeMirror – The Complete Solution Do you need a management solution…? 8

  9. What’s the Difference?

  10. ResumeMirror is a Hosted Service…! 10

  11. Does your company know where their resumes are coming from? ResumeMirror Knows! Log On Monthly reporting by Web Form, Email, Fax, Hard Copy… Reporting - Customer Account Manager 11

  12. Recruiting Enhancements?

  13. 1 Corporate Website Upload & Parse Job Seekers easily upload their resume to apply online forms for parsing and auto-population. Microsoft Outlook Plug-in Recruiters, Hiring Mangers, Employees, or Executive Management can forward email resumes to ATS / ERP / HRIS with the click of a button 2 Microsoft Word Plug-in Forward a Word document to any ATS / ERP / HRIS with the click of one button and the option of a recruiter review process 3 4 Microsoft Internet Explorer Add-in Mine the internet for resumes and send them right into any ATS / ERP / HRIS with the click of a button Email Forwarding and Job Board Postings Allows Job Seekers to use apply online through the job posting or directly to the recruiter via email. 5 EAM Service Bureau for Hard Copy Data Process any kind of hard copy applicant data received into the applicant database including paper and faxed resumes as well as handwritten employment applications. 6 FTP – File Transport Protocol (Bulk Processing) Process one or many resume files in real-time using this standard internet file transfer method 7 FTP Automate Resume Management from all Sources 13

  14. With the Resume Mirror Extraction Service, a resume can be converted to an online profile with just 3 simple steps: Step 1: Select your resume. Step 2: Upload (and parse) Step 3: Review and Submit Websites without Auto-Parsing technology can experience 75 – 90% drop off rates due to the high threshold of pain of manually entering resume data Method 1: Corporate Website Upload/Parse 14

  15. Microsoft Outlook Screen Shot: Button uploads to navigation bar With the ResumeMirror Outlook add-in, a Recruiter can send a resume to PeopleSoft in just 3 simple steps: Step 1: Select email (s). Step 2: Click plug-in “button” Step 3: Review and Submit - Select Requisition - Select Source - Select Disposition • Do your Recruiters receive resumes by email - i.e. Referrals, Unsolicited Data…? • Do your Recruiters have their own “stash” of resumes that never make it into PeopleSoft? Method 2: Microsoft Outlook Add-in 15

  16. Microsoft Word Screen Shot: Button uploads to navigation bar With the ResumeMirror Outlook add-in, a Recruiter can send a resume to PeopleSoft in just 3 simple steps: Step 1: Select email (s). Step 2: Click plug-in “button” Step 3: Review and Submit - Select Requisition - Select Source - Select Disposition Are you impressed with this resume? Send it to PeopleSoft NOW! with the click of one button. Method 3: Microsoft Word Doc. Add-in 16

  17. Method 4: Microsoft IE Add-in Microsoft Internet Explorer Screen Shot: Button uploads to navigation bar With the ResumeMirror Internet Explorer add-in, a Recruiter can send a resume to PeopleSoft in just 3 simple steps: Step 1: Find a resume. Step 2: Click plug-in “button” Step 3: Review and Submit - Select Requisition - Select Source - Select Disposition Did you finally find the perfect Candidate on the Internet? Send it to PeopleSoft NOW! with the click of one button. 17

  18. PeopleSoft Career Portal Form Manual or Auto-Forwarding Job Seeker Response “PeopleSoft Generated Email” Andrea Johnson 2341 Oaks Court Clear Springs, GA 30127 Phone: 404-111-000 OBJECTIVE: Software Engineer seeking programming opportunity … Dear Andrea, Thank you very much for your interest in our Company. Provide below are your USER NAME and PASSWORD for access to your online profile for review: USERNAME: PASSWORD: 6624 - Staffing Inbox - Job Boards - Outside Recruiting Agencies - Recruiter (Working from home?) PeopleSoft Online Profile Connector ResumeMirror PeopleSoft Email Email Forwarding Forwards to the designated ResumeMirror email address for submission to PeopleSoft. Rejected: Spam, Junk Mail, Viruses • XML File: • - Job REQ • Original Resume • Contact Information • Work History • Education • Skills Once submitted EAM uploads Job Seeker profile into PeopleSoft. Job Seeker receives an email from PeopleSoft confirming their data has been received, along with password access information to their profile in the PeopleSoft. (Customization) Profile allows Job Seeker to review their information and self-identify. Method 5: Email Forwarding Options 18

  19. Which Data Capture Experience provide the “LOWEST” threshold of pain? What if the resume you want to use is not stored online? What if your online profile is outdated? Online Profile With eam, the designated email address will dictate SOURCE, and the auto populated subject line will define the REQUISITION. TO: SUBJECT: Software Engineer 051920 Email Attachment Candidates do not maintain online profiles, but they do keep their resume up to date. Case Study: Job Board - Monster 19

  20. When given the option between a profile or email, has found that email is the preferred choice of resume data submission NOTE: auto-populates the subject line with the job REQ ID which allows EAM to collect accordingly. • Job Seekers do not keep web profiles up to date. • Job Seekers maintain multiple resumes. • Recruiters want to see the original resume Case Study: Job Board - CareerBuilder 20

  21. Since 1990, we have seen a full circle with regards to accepting paper. After years of trial & error, specific business verticals have decided that paper is a job seeker preference. Provided below is each option for hard copy processing: • Bulk Shipment: • Cost: Fed Ex Shipments • Information delay (2+ days) Vendor Service Offshore or North America Mail Connector ResumeMirror • Digital Sender: • Cost: $2,500 Machine • 600 DPI image via email • Fax Machine: • Cost: $Machine + $Phone • 200 DPI (Quality Warning) ResumeMirror Note: Image OCR to text conversion is not a perfect Science, expect character errors Affordable, not Avoidable Method 6: Got Paper…! 21

  22. Fastest implementation to date is 2 Weeks Implementation Project Schedule: 22

  23. Conceptual Search Technology

  24. ResumeMirror Client Quote “In the past few months, Corporate HR lost out 8 times to recruiting agencies.  $130K in fees were paid to those agencies, and all 8 candidates were in the system, just not found by the search agent” PAIN POINT: Keyword (Traditional) Search • Challenges with Key Word Search? • Often miss good results due to required methodology… • Recruiter must have expert knowledge of each job to search… • Not designed to find close matches… • Imprecise search  irrelevant results…. • Search too focused  no results… • Can only find “exact” terms, ignores related terms… • Context dependent, for example: R.N. vs. RN vs. Registered Nurse… • Too much effort to qualify large list of results… • Frequency of a term does not equate to a best match • How can ResumeMirror “conceptual” Search help? • Ranks all results, not missed matches… • Recruiter only requires a “job description”…. • Does not rely on “exact” matches, but relevant terms • Higher accuracy… • Takes advantage of structured and non-structured data… • Compare “Resumes against a Job” or “Jobs against a Resume” • Results determined in “Human-like” way… • Uses “Artificial Intelligence” based on “Latent Symantec Analysis”…. 24

  25. ResumeMirror Search Stand-alone Solution 2 1 Window Link within PeopleSoft 3 Add Link Add Link to EHR Upgrades only affect link access PeopleSoft Server Window Link “Feels like you are in PeopleSoft” Integration Within PeopleSoft 25

  26. SEARCH: Finding the Right Candidate… Conceptual Search Radial Distance Keyword Option Search Fields Max Result OFCCP Data Management 26

  27. SEARCH: Evaluating Results… Workflow actions Ranked List Highlight Terms Candidate Details 27

  28. Innovating since 1991, Corporate Offices Vancouver, Canada • 2006 Product of the Year • Core Purpose: • Package deep, specialized functionality as “easy to deploy” components that provide a functional boost for staffing, HR and recruiting applications. • Compelling Proposition: • Enable our Clients the ability to further "leverage" the value of their investment with tools that enhance the recruiting process. Job Board Partners Technology Partners ATS Partners BPO – HRO Partners RPO - Staffing Partners Corporate Clients Who is ResumeMirror..? Talent Technology..? 28