gcse geography at st edmund s school n.
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GCSE Geography at St Edmund’s School PowerPoint Presentation
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GCSE Geography at St Edmund’s School

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GCSE Geography at St Edmund’s School

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GCSE Geography at St Edmund’s School

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  1. GCSE Geography at St Edmund’s School Studying Geography means: You are more likely to be employed You are better placed to get into one of the top universities And Geography students say the subject is more enjoyable than most other courses

  2. Why do Geographers find it easier to get a job? This is because they develop: • Intellectual skills such as judging evidence in order to make informed decisions and reasoned arguments • Research skills collecting and analysing information on spatial and environmental data, and undertaking fieldwork • Transferable skills such as teamwork, problem solving, IT skills, communication skills (presentation, writing, debating) • Personal attributes such as time-management, coping with uncertainty, self-reflection, flexibility, and creativity Geography is at the cutting edge: look how it could help you if you worked at Google

  3. But Geography isn’t just about faraway places Here is just a sample of local Geography stories: • The new road system and tunnel at Stonehenge • The removal of the car park in Salisbury Market Square • The floods of 2013 (recognise the background picture to this slide?) • New Asda on the London road

  4. New Asda in Salisbury Lets have a quick go at some local Geography. Find square 1632 or even better grid reference 162323. the new Asda is proposed for the roundabout there. Have a look at the 8 grid squares around this site. What is there in them that would either be good for the new store or bad for it?

  5. There has never been a better or more important time to study geography. With growing interest in issues such as climate change, migration, environmental degradation and social courses you could choose to study. Geographers are also highly employable. • Whatever your passion for the world - fascination with landscapes or concerns about inequality - geography will provide you with knowledge and transferable skills that will reward you personally and advance you professionally.