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Rehabilitation of Iraq’s Higher Education System Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Rehabilitation of Iraq’s Higher Education System Project

Rehabilitation of Iraq’s Higher Education System Project

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Rehabilitation of Iraq’s Higher Education System Project

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  1. Rehabilitation of Iraq’s Higher Education System Project 3rd Workshop on Quality Assurance in Higher Education “Review of Quality Improvement Plans of Pilot Colleges of Engineering” Amman (Jordan), October 27 – 29. 2013

  2. University of Salahaddin- Hawler College of Engineering Quality Assurance Section

  3. Plan of Improvement Based on UNISCORecommendations

  4. Organization Concerning the recommendations of the committee, the following steps have been performed. • 1. The Head of Software Engineering has been given to another academic staff due to some health difficulty of the former one.

  5. Organization • 2. Holding many periodic meetings with the department staffs discussing and exchanging ideas to develop department activities. • 3- Employees intended computer courses for development of their abilities.

  6. Students 1. Student's evaluation and steps for development are reviewed. 2. Meeting with students are held to discuss the problems and finding solutions. 3. Encouraging the lecturers to make site visits of projects to make student much more familiar with practical and applications of materials.

  7. Students 4. Student Feedback: In spite of negative effects due their awareness, some positive results have found regarding some weakness points of teaching procedure. • 5. Engineering Project in final years: introducing the students to perform practical experimental outputs by manufacturing the required apparatus for the tests. Concerning the students' researches the style of evaluation had changed, only two good researches will be selected and sent for participating in a competition which is performed in Arabic University Union.

  8. Academic Staff 1. Encouraging lecturers to perform researches and participating in the international conferences. Further, there is a financial reward for each research which is published in international journals of high impact factor.

  9. Academic Staff 2. The Portfolio of the Teacher resulted in tendency of lecturers to develop themselves through publishing papers, performing workshops for some governmental agencies, presenting seminars and exchanging experiences with other technical ministry foundations. 3. The Split side of M.Sc. and PhD project: some projects are started between our Engineering College and American and German universities.

  10. Curriculum 1. Engineering curricula, special committees in the college and university are working to review and compare them to the curricula of international universities. 2. Committees in departments of the college are also working in developing the curriculum keeping the total number of required units as fixed. 3. Encouraging lecturers to work as a group and cooperation among various specialists.

  11. Facilities (Halls, Labs, Libraries and Yards) 1. Importing new instrumental computerized lab apparatus. • Lecturing halls, libraries, labs, staff office are well furnished even technically. • 3. Video Conference Hall

  12. Civil Engineering Staff meeting for Development of Curriculums • First Year • Information Technology:Replacing the subject Information Technology to Information Technology.

  13. First Year 2.English Language:Reducing the number of hours of English Language (Theory) from 2 hours to 1 hour per Week making 5 units. • 3. Mathematics:Reducing the number of hours of Mathematics from 3 (Theory) to 2 hours per week, making it of 4 units. • 4. Building Materials and Testing:Giving students new materials dealing with new building materials and new technology.

  14. Second Year 1. Computer Programming and Numerical Methods:Canceling Computer Programming and placing Numerical method s with the subject of Mathematics. • 2. Asphalt Pavement Technology:Introducing this new material, (1 hour theory and 2 hours practical).Making it 4 units.

  15. Second Year • Environmental Engineering:Cancelling the subject of Control of Rodents and introducing new global materials like: Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Global Worming Renewable energy Environmental Impact assessment (EIA) Greenhouse Gases Environmental Awareness Environmental Planning

  16. Second Year 4. Building Construction:Toughing and informing and encouraging students with new materials and technology in executing projects.

  17. Third Year 1. Irrigation and Drainage: Cancelling the Drainage and replacing by Water Resources making the new material to be named as Water Resources and Irrigation. 2. Engineering Management and Economics: Changing the material to Engineering and construction Management to cover materials like General Conditions of Contracts, Tendering, Engineer's authority, Engineers Union Instructions, ….etc. 3. Highway Engineering:Cancelling Practical Highway Engineering ( combined with Asphalt Pavement Technology in 2nd Year)

  18. Fourth Year 1. Civil Drawing:Changing the name to the Civil Drawing and CAD. Increasing the number of hours to 1 hour theory, 2 hours practical and 1 hour tutorial. Lecturers can present computer programming in each specialist. Also making visits to the project sites.

  19. Fourth Year 2. Methods of Construction and Estimating: Increasing number of hours from 2 (2 x 2 = 4unit) to 3 hours ( 2 x 3 = 6 units) to cover more materials especially Specifications. 3. Engineering Project: Limiting the role of Supervisor in evaluation of the material.

  20. Thank you