the power of the portfolio it s time to take charge n.
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The Power of the Portfolio… It’s Time to Take Charge! PowerPoint Presentation
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The Power of the Portfolio… It’s Time to Take Charge!

The Power of the Portfolio… It’s Time to Take Charge!

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The Power of the Portfolio… It’s Time to Take Charge!

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  1. The Power of the Portfolio…It’s Time to Take Charge!

  2. Developing a Professional Portfolio Making the connection between craftsperson and instructor

  3. Purpose of this Presentation • This is an abbreviated version of the presentation that you will see this summer at NTI. It is intended to acquaint you with the purposes of the portfolio and to orient you to the process. Please review each slide as often as you wish. • Hint: There is a test!!

  4. What is a Portfolio? A collection of items, that document a professional’s career Educators, woodworkers and architects all use portfolios to showcase their expertise

  5. Think of your Portfolio as a Schematic Diagram An illustration that shows YOUR function and connections

  6. Portfolio Audience • Apprentices • Training Directors • NTI Professional Educators • Colleges/Universities/ Accreditation Teams • State/Federal Certification Reviewers • Industry Advisory Committees • Peers • YOU!

  7. Why Produce a Portfolio? It’s a course requirement!...But it’s more than that! NTI

  8. Why Produce a Portfolio? Demonstrates your professional experience as an instructor

  9. Why Produce a Portfolio? Makes a connection between learning and application

  10. Connection Between Learning and Application Each NTI course will have connecting activities for you to complete Year One: Philosophy of Apprentice Training Career Summary Worksheet on Laws of Learning Reflections on Principles of Learning and Elements of Trade Teaching

  11. Connection Between Learning and Application NTI Curriculum Your portfolio is a tool to connect the NTI curriculum to your role as an instructor. Instructor Effectiveness

  12. Why Produce a Portfolio? Lets you re-evaluate your classroom performance to become a better instructor

  13. Why Produce a Portfolio? Keeps you organized

  14. Why Produce a Portfolio? Keeps you on track in your professional growth

  15. Organization and Professional Growth • Section to place: • IBEW membership documents • Awards/Certificates • NTI Completion Certificates • Professional Development Documentation • Professional Organization Affiliations

  16. Primary Sections of your Portfolio Based on skills critical to your success as a JATC instructor

  17. Items to be included in your Portfolio • Your portfolio will include many documents, including: • Resume and Professional Documents • Lesson Plans • Evaluation Instruments • Learning Modules • Application Statements • Philosophy Statements • PowerPoint Presentations • Video Clips

  18. Seems Like a BIG Job! When will the documents be assembled? Many of the documents are already developed Others will be developed over the course of your time in the National Training Institute Lesson Plans

  19. Seems Like a BIG Job! Your portfolio will begin taking shape early during the first year of NTI Adding to it will be a continuous process over the next three years (and beyond) Ready to Get Started?

  20. Helpful Tips Your NTI instructors will be able to provide clarification, when needed

  21. Helpful Tips The Portfolio Resource Center will be available this summer. Questions and Answers Feedback Review Connecting Activities Pick-up Additional Material Review Sample Portfolios Sign up for Prizes!

  22. Helpful Tips Positive Feedback You will Share your portfolio with your Training Director

  23. Helpful Tips Make plans to bring your portfolio with you each year to the NTI!

  24. For More Information Visit

  25. And Now… You’re Ready Go! It’s time to go back to the Task List on the NTI website to complete the Portfolio Worksheet. Remember that you can review this PowerPoint at any time.