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Webquest on Polar Bears PowerPoint Presentation
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Webquest on Polar Bears

Webquest on Polar Bears

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Webquest on Polar Bears

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  1. Webquest on Polar Bears By Mrs. Chesney

  2. Illinois Learning Standard Introduction Task Process Fun Pages Resources Conclusion Evaluation Components

  3. Illinois Learning Standard 12.B.2b • Identify physical features of plants and animals that help them live in different environments (e.g., specialized teeth for eating certain foods, thorns for protection, insulation for cold temperature).

  4. Introduction • Polar bears are huge, cute, and furry! Have you ever wondered why they are white, what they eat, and how they keep warm in the cold weather? • This project will allow you to learn lots of information about polar bears!!! So put on your ice skates!! We are going to the arctic!!

  5. Task • During this webquest you will gather information to create a poster about polar bears. • This will be exciting, so put on your ice skates and let’s head up north!!!

  6. Process • The information that you will gather for your poster includes a picture, the scientific name, a general description, what they like to eat, what kind of environment they live in, and a few phrases of what you thought about them when you got to see them live!!! Also, feel free to include any fun facts or anything else you found interesting!! Extra points will be awarded. • 1. Find your favorite picture of a polar bear!!! Then print it out for your poster. Visit: Polar Bear Pictures

  7. Process Continued • 2. Then you will need to get out your notebook and take some notes when you visit these websites: • Find the scientific name of a polar bear. • Find a general description/appearance of a polar bear. • Find what polar bears diet consists of. • Find out where polar bears live. • 3. Next you will go and SEE a polar bear at a zoo!! Don’t forget to write down what you thought was really neat!! (Note: if the polar bear is sleeping, you will have to visit it again another time! You know, polar bears need their sleep too!)

  8. Process Continued • 4. Next you will find some fun facts about polar bears. Click on these sites!! Don’t forget to write them down to include them on your poster!! • National Geographic • Interesting Facts • 5. Now, you will take all of the information you have collected and organize it on a poster board. Don’t forget to be creative!

  9. Fun Pages • These pages are included just for some Fun!! • If you would like to include them on the poster, please feel free! • Create your own cartoon! • Print out and complete a word search! • Want to see how much you have learned? See if you can answer this trivia question. • Also, see a cool slide show of the arctic!!

  10. Resources • Polar Bear Pictures • Scientific Name • General Description/Appearance • Diet • Live • Live Video Footage • Facts

  11. Conclusion • Aren’t you glad you were able to meet this huge, cute, and furry character? Or explore the arctic in your Ice skates? • Hopefully you discovered some interesting facts that you cannot wait to share with your friends and family!! • Don’t forget, there are many other animals that live in this world that are waiting to be explored!

  12. Evaluation • See attached rubric.