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Bell Ringer

Bell Ringer. How does the judicial system provide a check on the legislature?. LEQ: How does the Constitution function?. Constitution. James Madison- “Father” of the Constitution 39 men signed it in 1787. Preamble. Why they are writing it? (to form a more perfect union)

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Bell Ringer

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  1. Bell Ringer • How does the judicial system provide a check on the legislature?

  2. LEQ: How does the Constitution function?

  3. Constitution • James Madison- “Father” of the Constitution • 39 men signed it in 1787

  4. Preamble • Why they are writing it? (to form a more perfect union) • What are the goals? (establish justice, domestic tranquility, common defense)

  5. Division • Articles: major divisions • Sections- divisions of an article • Clauses- divisions of a section

  6. Article 1 • Legislative Branch

  7. Article II • Executive Branch

  8. Article III • Judicial Branch

  9. Article IV • Relations Among States

  10. Article V • Various methods of amendments

  11. Article VI • General Provisions

  12. Article VII- Ratification • Must have nine states approve the Constitution

  13. US Constitution • Took effect in April 1789 when George Washington was sworn in as President.

  14. LEQ:

  15. Washington’s Cabinet • 3 Departments • War- Henry Knox • State- Thomas Jefferson • Treasury- Alexander Hamilton

  16. Judiciary Act of 1789 • Allowed for Congress to establish the Supreme Court • Established Judicial system

  17. Alexander Hamilton Bubble Map • Read about Hamilton’s Economic plan • In your notes, complete a bubble map • Page 204

  18. Whiskey Rebellion • Tax on Whiskey • Western PA farmers refused to pay • Washington ends rebellion • Demonstrates government strength

  19. Now Let’s See It • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNVBlIn4jso (7 min)

  20. Was Washington the best candidate? • Positive Features • Negative Features

  21. Page 206 • Counterpoints- Views of the Constitution • Answer Reading Like a Historian Question

  22. Bell Ringer • Analyze one part of Hamilton’s economic plan.

  23. Formation of Political Parties • Support Hamilton • Pro-business • Do not trust govt to the people • Loose interpretation of Constitution Federalists

  24. Formation of Political Parties Support Jefferson • Pro-agriculture • Strict interpretation of Constitution • Let the people run the govt Democratic-Republicans

  25. French Revolution • Washington declares neutrality • Neutrality Proclamation

  26. Genet’s Mistake • French diplomat, Edmund Genet, convinces Americans to fight against British • Washington replaces Genet

  27. French Revolution • Dem-Rep: pro-French

  28. French Revolution • Federalists were pro England

  29. Jay’s Treaty • Great Britain was interfering with: • Fur trading in the NW Territory • American shipping

  30. Jay’s Treaty • John Jay negotiated treaty with Great Britain • End interference with trading and shipping

  31. Pinckney’s Treaty • Negotiation with Spain • US gains: • All land east of the Mississippi (other than Florida)

  32. Video • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlYE9h-vDF4 (stop at 6:20)

  33. Writing Activity: • Imagine you news reporter living in America during 1793, the same time in which President Washington issues the Neutrality Proclamation. • Write an expose describing why you either support President Washington’s decision to stay neutral or why you disagree with President Washington. • Who are the major political figures on your side? • Your expose needs to be at least 8 sentences long.

  34. Conflicts with Natives • Little Turtle forms confederation • Defeats US in OH Valley

  35. Conflicts with Natives • Battle of Fallen Timbers: • Ends resistance in Ohio Valley • Treaty of Greenville

  36. Washington’s Farwell • Avoid alliances, political parties and sectionalism

  37. DBQ Practice • “Let me… warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party… It serves always to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration. It agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms; kindles the animosity of one party against another; foments [stirs up]… riot and insurrection [rebellion]. ~Pres. Washington “Farewell Address” • Why did Washington oppose political parties?

  38. Now Let’s See It • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJfynb0eSH0

  39. Bell Ringer: List the three agreements that made up Jay’s Treaty.

  40. LEQ: How will John Adams solve domestic and foreign policy issues?

  41. Election of 1796 • John Adams is elected; VP (runner up) is Thomas Jefferson

  42. XYZ Affair • French impressment had led to Pres. Adams sending 3 diplomats to France • Pinckney, Gerry & Marshall • Met with 3 French diplomats who demanded bribes • French agents names were replaced with XYZ when Pres. Adams sent report to Congress

  43. Alien and Sedition Acts • Anti-French • Alien Act: • Raised residency requirements • Allowed for detention of aliens in time of war • Allowed president to deport aliens

  44. Alien and Sedition Acts • Sedition Act: • Outlawed criticism of government and president • Attempt to silence D-R party

  45. Now Let’s See It • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wL4ZN64Yz3o

  46. Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions • Created in opposition of the Alien and Sedition Acts • Madison (VA) • Jefferson (KY) • Attempted to declare un-fair laws null and void

  47. Now Let’s Review! • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r161cLYzuDI

  48. Bell Ringer: • What was the XYZ affair? How did it affect American public opinion?

  49. LEQ: How will Thomas Jefferson provide a new outlook for the role of an American president?

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