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A mobile website that lets you transact with any business v ia text messaging

Thru .im. A mobile website that lets you transact with any business v ia text messaging. David@Thru.im Chad@Thru.im Ca lvin@Thru.im. W ho we are. David Spiro BBA ‘12 : Biz Strategy Chad Stark BBA ‘11 : Marketing and Sales Calvin Gee CSE ‘12 : Web Dev. and Design

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A mobile website that lets you transact with any business v ia text messaging

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  1. Thru.im A mobile website that lets you transact withany business via text messaging David@Thru.im Chad@Thru.im Calvin@Thru.im

  2. Who we are David Spiro BBA ‘12: Biz Strategy Chad Stark BBA ‘11: Marketing and Sales Calvin Gee CSE ‘12: Web Dev. and Design Cheng Chen CSE ‘12: Backend Dev. and iOS Together we were in Techarb, published business plans, brought several apps to market, generated $500k with a previous company, sold software to a medical center, and raised $15k from UMICH Thru.im

  3. People run their social lives through text conversations– but when trying to transact witha business, we have to pick up the phone and call Thru.im

  4. Nielsen surveyed 60k mobile users aged 13-24... “Average 13-24 year old sends 3,000 text messages per month” Thru.im

  5. Nielsen surveyed 60k mobile users aged 13-24... “Voice activity within this demographic decreased 14 percent last year” Thru.im

  6. Thru.im

  7. We charge businesses a % of sales We sell search and conversation data Weserve targeted ads to our users Thru.im

  8. Current industry Thru.im Current Industry

  9. Industry with us Thru.im Industry w/ Thru.im

  10. Total Market Value $BehavioralData + $Transactions = • Google Launched 12 years ago: • 20% (Google’s annual Data Rev from 365B searches = $28.0B) = Data Rev driven by #Searches for businesses • 5% (Searches for businesses) = #Transaction w/ businesses • $10 avg. order with 5% referral commission = Thru.im max potential value 12 years after launch, growing at an s curve rate = 20%*($28.0B)+ 5%*(365B*20%)*($10)*(5%) = $7.4B per year in year 12 Thru.im

  11. Margin, Break Even, and Exit Google’s margin is 30% on data mining activities BE = ($10employee/hour)/(.8transactions*$10order*5%commission) = 25 transactions/hour We will exit in 8years for $860M based on an IRR of 103% Thru.im

  12. Market Entry Strategy Target 18 – 24 year olds Private beta in Ann Arbor Raise money and scale Thru.im

  13. Proprietary Elements Knowledge of the space Success selling to young generations Existing chat software Contact center automation software Thru.im

  14. Next Steps Private beta test in Ann Arbor National Launch Complete Prototype and proof of concept Thru.im

  15. Ask MBC next round! $1M for scale Thru.im

  16. Thru.im Info@Thru.im

  17. Appendix – Additional Slides 18. Value to End Users 19. Value to Businesses 20. Value to BT Companies 21. Segment Relationships 22. Screen Shots + Demo 23. Use Cases 24. Contact Center Justification 25. Thru.im Backend 26. Automation Software 27. Launch Plans 28. Competition 29. Break Even 30. Exit Value 31. Investment Slide 32. Investor Slide 33. Thru.imv. #AnythingOTW

  18. Value to End Users Multitask: Speak to more than one business at a time Get things done faster: Never on hold, deal with phone trees, click through buttons Be creative: Say whatever you want like you would on a voice call Thru.im

  19. Value to Businesses Link to mobile, text savvy generation Contact center assistance Learn from what customers are saying to improve customer service Thru.im

  20. Value to Behavioral Targeting Companies Limited supply of conversation data today Mobile focus Conversation data between customers and merchants improves user behavioral profiles Thru.im

  21. Segment Relationships End Users: Founders’ grew up on text and we have sold products to our target before Businesses: UMICH contacts who have cracked the code on disruptive consumer-business technology like Groupon, Opentable, and OWN Behavioral Targeting: Datalogics and JumpTap(Jeff Raab) and Radium One (Steve Eskenazi) Thru.im

  22. Screen Shots and Demo www.Thru.im/demo Best viewed on your mobile screen Thru.im

  23. Thru.im Use Cases

  24. Justification for contact center First, an intermediary step to generate user demand Then, a sales team to onboard customers Thru.im

  25. How Thru.im’s Backend Works For businesses that use text messaging, email, or twitter, Thru.im automatically translates messages from the user to the business If the business does not use text based customer service, Thru.im has a team of agents who will call the business on the user’s behalf and text back a response The quicker a business responds, the higher they get ranked in our search, incentivizing them to have conversations themselves or to pay us a % of sale Thru.im

  26. Automation Software Automatically translate messages to business Automatic text responses Text to speech + voice to text APIs like Google Maps/Places, Opentable, Ordr.in Thru.im

  27. Launch Plans Soft launch in Ann Arbor Week 1-2: Get 50 local users, 30% repeat Week 3-4: Get 200 new local users Week 5 – 10: Reach 1000 users nationwide Target receptive communities Market additional use cases to repeat users Thru.im

  28. Competition Talkto Yelp, Opentable, Campusfoods Other players like Google Thru.im

  29. Break even If, 1 employee costs $10/hour and 80% of conversations result in a sale of $10 with commission of 5%, then: $10/(.8*$10*.05) = 25 conversations If, at max capacity 1 employee can handle 35 conversations, then: we need to operate at ~70% utilization to cover other costs like office overhead But this does not include data mining activities Thru.im

  30. Exit value Rev(year 12) = $7.4B Rev(year 8) = ~5% * Rev(year 12) Thru.im

  31. Investment Slide Angel: $1M for 33% Pre-money = $2M Post-money = $3M $$$ needed for call center employees and mobile development Series A: $10M $$$ needed for operational expansion Thru.im

  32. Investor Slide Steve Eskenazi: Lead investor in Blue Lithium and Radium One Lightbank Capital: Lead investor in Groupon, commercializes consumer apps Union Square Ventures: Lead investor in Twitter, values disruptive data plays Thru.im

  33. Thru.im versus #AnythingOTW #AnythingOTW is a project Thru.imis a venture backable business Shared resources keeps us efficient Thru.im

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