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North Korea at night

North Korea at night. Present: Who do we blame for the Cold War?. Present title Present your best argument – only 1 Have both people talk. 1950s #3: Korean War. 3/8/ 18: North Korea Asks for Direct Nuclear Talks, and Trump Agrees. New Alliances. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

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North Korea at night

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  1. North Korea at night

  2. Present:Who do we blame for the Cold War? • Present title • Present your best argument – only 1 • Have both people talk

  3. 1950s #3: Korean War 3/8/ 18: North Korea Asks for Direct Nuclear Talks, and Trump Agrees

  4. New Alliances • NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) • 1949: US and 12 democratic countries formed a military alliance • 1st US peacetime alliance • Support each other if attacked by communism • How will the Soviet Union react? • Warsaw Pact (Communist Nations) • Alliance b/w Soviet Union & most of Eastern Europe

  5. Korea After WWII: • North Korea- Communist (b/c it was liberated by USSR) • South Korea- democratic, supported by US • Divided at 38th parallel North Korea South Korea

  6. Kim Jong-Il (1941-2011)Former Communist Leader, “Dear Leader” Kim Il-Song: Founder of communism in NK, “Great Leader” Kim Jong -Un

  7. June, 1950: N. Korea crosses 38th parallel– invades the South! • United Nations- what should it do? Anything? • 5 countries can VETO any action: • Will the UN be able to declare war on NK?

  8. Korean War (1950-53)“The Forgotten War” UN sends army to defend S. Korea - Only voted yes b/c USSR did not show up that day! Otherwise they could have vetoed! • *N. Korea controls nearly all of S. Korea by Sept.

  9. Battle of Inchon (Sept 1950) US troops land behind enemy lines, • Liberate S. & invades N. - near border of China by Nov. • US thinks war will be over by Christmas • China • What will China do?

  10. Americans land at Inchon, S Korea

  11. China invades NK – “an entirely new war” 400,000 Chinese troops attack US/UN troops • Battle of Chosin (Nov 1950): 20,000 US casualties • *one of US worst defeats ever, US now losing the war

  12. Tootsie Roll

  13. You Decide: • Now that we suffered 20,000+ casualties, what options did the US have during the Korean war? • Should we retreat? • Should we send more soldiers? • Or should we use a weapon that we used in WW2? • KEEP IN MIND….WE HAVE TO CONTAIN COMMUNISM! • North Korea is a Communist country. Who would support them if the US escalated the level of fighting?

  14. US Response • Gen. MacArthur wanted to use the A-BOMB! But Pres Truman said NO! And fired him. • But, US / UN continue the war

  15. Korean Stalemate • Armistice- stop fighting in 1953 (50,000 US causalities, 1 mil.+ Chinese and Koreans) • 38th parallel still separates N/S Korea

  16. The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ): 38th parallel, area w/o troops

  17. Korea & US Today • NK – war • Isolated • N. Korea has nuclear bomb and 1 mil. troops (1 of the world’s largest armies) • US has 38,000 troops in S. Korea today

  18. ANSWER: • Who wins this war? • Where is the dividing line between North and South Korea today? How is it different from before the war? • Describe US & Korea’s relationship today.

  19. Cold War Tally • Eastern Europe • Truman Doctrine • Marshall Plan • Berlin Airlift • China • NATO • Warsaw Pact • Korean War • Describe each event. • Who won? Who is winning the Cold War in the early 1950s?

  20. We think that is winning the Cold War because , which means .

  21. CW #10: Korea TodayTextbook Questions • Who started the war and how? • Why did this war need to be fought? • Compare answers with your partner. • Are they the same? **Answer #1 for both sources **

  22. Read the article about what is happening (right now in NK) . 5. Pick 3 things that are happening. For each, describe what is occurring and then explain what this shows you about life in NK. EX: NK has banned weddings & funerals. What does this tell you about life in NK?

  23. NK pix

  24. Exit Ticket • In 1 paragraph, summarize what you have learned about Korea today. Include information taken from: • Textbook • News article • Photos

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