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  1. Raw By Ian Eisenberg

  2. Ian Eisenberg’s Artistic Statement I’m tired of trying to think of an idea for a photograph. I’m sick of forcing “art”, something that used to come so easy to me. Art is about expression, and lately, with all these deadlines, due dates, and subjective grading scales, I find myself panicked and stressed out. I believe that photographic art is about conveying your feelings visually to an audience, so in my most recent body of work, I have given up entirely on trying to force myself to create a theme. It will be purely my emotions, as raw and as cold as they may be. In my biography I stated that nothing helps me escape my reality better than photographing the lives of other people. But what would it look like if I were forced to face my own reality? It would be something pure. Something brutal. Something Raw.

  3. A Brief Biography Ever since I was a little boy, I pretended to take pictures with my View Finder toy camera. Growing up, I loved to capture images of joy, love, sorrow, and pain. However, I didn’t have the elements of art in mind. As I got older and started to understand the art behind photography, I began to turn everyday images into visual works of art. For me, photography has always been an out; a way to relax and calm my nerves. Nothing is more relaxing than photographing nature. Nothing helps me escape my reality better than photographing the lives of other people. When people see my pictures, I want them to experience the same emotion that I was feeling when I took the picture, and mentally escape reality, just as I do, so people can truly feel the way I do when I am taking photographs. People should feel my photographs, not just view them. ~Ian Eisenberg

  4. Losing Hope; Fading Away…

  5. Inner-Turmoil

  6. Filth

  7. Torn

  8. Reach