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Maslow's Hierarchy

Maslow Hierarchy- The ultimate segmentation factor based on needs

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Maslow's Hierarchy

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  1. How To Drive Consumer Motivation?

  2. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Self-Actualization: Personal growth and self-improvement. Esteem: Respect, status, recognition, freedom Love & belonging: Friendship, family, sense of connection Safety needs: Personal security, employment, health, property Physioloigical needs: Air, water, food, shelter, sleep, clothing

  3. Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is a psychological theory of hierarchical pyramid of human needs. In marketing, it helps segment and target consumers based on where they are on this hierarchy. Insights Positioning Positioning consumers on the hierarchy, helps tailor marketing messages and product offerings. Development Helps in brand positioning and product development to align with consumer motivations. It guides businesses to address basic needs first before appealing to higher- level needs. HOW IT HELPS

  4. Fast-food chains Grocery stores Housing Drinkable water Fresh air EXAMPLE: PHYSIOLOGICAL NEEDS

  5. Transportation safety features Workplace training Home security Healthcare EXAMPLE: SAFETY NEEDS

  6. Social media Clubs and gatherings Forums Networking Communities EXAMPLE: LOVE AND BELONGING

  7. Luxury brands Coaching Awards Public engagements Status EXAMPLE: ESTEEM NEEDS

  8. Independence Learning & Growth Fulfilment Overcome challenges Creative expressions EXAMPLE: SELF-ACTUALIZATION

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