vegan spring and summer style n.
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Vegan, Spring and Summer Style!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Vegan, Spring and Summer Style!!

Vegan, Spring and Summer Style!!

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Vegan, Spring and Summer Style!!

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  1. Vegan, Spring and Summer Style!!

  2. So, its high time to write candidly about vegan fashion. Usually when people think of Vegan, the only thing that comes to their mind is Vegan food. People do so much research on how to change their food habits and nourish their body with Veganism, that it hardly occurs to them that fashion is a part of Veganism too. • People usually don’t realize that making a difference for animal and human kind along with our planet and future world could be as simple as choosing eco-friendly, animal cruelty-free fabrics and accessories no matter what their diet is. Call Now: (732) 310-0325

  3. Veganism is rooted in compassion, so the judgement aspect would most likely be a hypocritical stance. What I prefer is educating the world in what a beautiful way of life it is to be aware and healthy and help our animals and our Earth. • So at least veggie lovers, vegans and meat eaters alike can all make better choices when it comes to what type of clothing and accessories they purchase. Call Now: (732) 310-0325

  4. Basically, there is no reason to create waste, harm animals and put strain on our planet for fashion when it can be completely avoided and still look and feel as sexy and luxurious as ever!! Call Now: (732) 310-0325

  5. So I am not expecting you to have an ALL vegan wardrobe, which means trashing your expensive leather products you have in the wardrobe. However, I am asking you to keep in mind the environment and from now reduce, reuse or recycle your wardrobe over the next few years while slowly integrating some of the hottest eco/vegan and sustainable women’s fashions you can find. Call Now: (732) 310-0325

  6. If enough people demand all natural, animal-cruelty free fashions, then I am beyond confident that the market for them will grow and grow. • Consumers are hands down very powerful people. If you know what to look for it is so easy to find your perfect vegan clothing to fit your budget and your personal style. Call Now: (732) 310-0325

  7. So, what is Vegan fashion? Vegan fashion is clothing, shoes, and other accessories that were created without using any animal products or by-products and no animals were harmed in their making. • Items made with Leather, Wool (Angora, Mohair, Cashmere, Sheep), Fur, Down and Silk are the main fabrics to avoid when you are shopping from cruelty-free sources. Call Now: (732) 310-0325

  8. Shopping now for vegan clothing and vegan handbags and accessories is easier now than ever before. I am listing 5 new items from Sybaritic Bags – a Vegan, PETA approved company that is truly passionate about its vegan clothing and vegan handbag line. Call Now: (732) 310-0325

  9. Halter Neck Backless Dress This hot spring/summer dress is a fabulous one when you are tired of the cold and snow and ready to show off your 2018 body. Let’s not forget this is fully Vegan – Fabric Content 65% cotton 35% polyester. Call Now: (732) 310-0325

  10. Square Neck Floral Jumpsuits Jumpsuits are soooo in trend now, and if it is all floral and girly, then why not have It in your wardrobe? Check out this amazing vegan fashion wear, perfect on a brunch out with your girls! Fabric contents: 65% cotton 35% polyester Call Now: (732) 310-0325

  11. Vintage Boombox Theme Novelty Bag Gold This is my personal favorite. I mean who does not want this boombox bag?? It looks fun, funky, trendy, and ultra-stylish. Moreover, we can show-off this vegan handbag and not even pay the world of money for it. Oh, what fun! Fabric content: Faux Leather. Call Now: (732) 310-0325

  12. Hologram Transparent Clear Fashion Cylinder-Shaped Cross Body Gold Ok so what’s wrong is having a cross body that is see-through, especially when it is vegan and in trend. The best part about it is its shape, so unique. Fabric content: Plastic Call Now: (732) 310-0325

  13. Flower Printed Taffeta Backpack Awww!! Such a cutie! Its just perfect for a college student or for traveling. You can fit in your laptop, books, and probably even a pair of clothing. This is so spring and makes me want to carry it even in the snow to remind me there is spring coming. Call Now: (732) 310-0325

  14. Call Now: (732) 310-0325