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Digital Nation

Digital Nation

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Digital Nation

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  1. Digital Nation The Multi-tasking mind of the 21st Century

  2. As our society begins to move faster, multi-tasking is an essential skill needed to function in the 21st century. • People who multi-task are unable to stay intently focused on one thing. • Multi-tasking keeps your brain active. • The need to multi-task inhibits creative thinking because it stops you from thinking quietly. • Technology (the internet, texting on cell phones, etc) has made things too easy for students, leading to a decrease in skill development. • Technology enhances and facilitates growth of the intellectual and social curiosity of young people. Where do you stand? Agree or disagree with these statements before and after you watch the documentary “Digital Nation”.

  3. Without the internet, I don’t think my life would be as exciting. • I use the internet to escape from my daily concerns. • I feel happy when I am online- it relieves my stresses. • Much of my daily conversation is related to digital media. • My use of digital media/video games has created some tension in my personal relationships. • I feel more comfortable socializing on-line (ie. facebook) than off-line. • If I don’t have access to my cellphone, I feel anxious. • I try to monitor my use of technology, but I usually spend more time with it than I intended to. • It’s difficult for me to stop using the computer or my cellphone, even when I have many other things to do. • I have experienced instances of not completing my work because of my use of video games, cell phone or the internet. Be honest: Do you have a balanced relationship with technology in your life?