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Digital Nation

Digital Nation

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Digital Nation

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  1. Digital Nation

  2. Preliminary Discussion Questions • How much time do you spend online per week? • What do you spend your online time doing? (gaming, social media etc.) How much time to you spend doing each? • How do you feel when you don’t have internet access, or don’t have your phone? • Do you consider yourself a multitasker? Why? • Do you think you are a good multitasker? Why/why not?

  3. Part 1 - Discussion Questions • Should teachers allow students to have their phones out during class? • What are the pros and cons of having web access during class? • Is gaming addiction real? Why/why not? • Did you find yourself multitasking this weekend? What were you trying to do and how well did you do it?

  4. Part 2 – Gaming Addiction • What do you think about South Korea’s “gaming issue?” • How can an entire culture have such a problem with gaming addiction while others (U.S.) do not? Or do we? • How does South Korea compare to RPO? • Is a global gaming addiction actually possible?

  5. Part 3 – Technology in the Classroom • If you could change how we use technology on campus, how would you do it to better your learning? • What are the pros and cons of requiring students to use a laptop in class and out of class? • If you could skip my class everyday, but had to log in for an hour per day to do the work, would you do it? Explain. • Do you agree with the administrators at the South Bronx school? • Are the kids in the clip going to be more prepared for the future? Does the school “make more sense” to you, or is it “instant gratification education?” • How well do you think you would do at a school like this? • Do you think distractions affect your writing? Explain.

  6. Part 4 – Online Games • What elements of MMOs like World of Warcraft are similar/different than the OASIS? • Compare and contrast players frequenting PC Bangs and events like BlizzCon. • If you’ve never met someone in real life, can you have a real friendship? Why/why not? • Compare Second Life to the OASIS. Why do you think major companies failed to sell their products in Second Life? • What are the pros and cons of holding meetings/conferences in a virtual space? • Do virtual worlds really bring us together with others, or do they just make being utterly alone a little more bearable.