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  1. Bugs Wow Bugs! By Abigail!

  2. My garden • I have lots of bugs in my garden! • Some in trees. • Some on the floor. • And some under the bird bath. Under the bird bath?

  3. I wouldn‘t Like to get stung By one of them! Wasps • I have wasps in my garden. • Here are some facts: • Wasps look like bees, but they don’t produce honey. • Wasps create their nest out of wood and mud. • Wasps are inactive at night as long as the sun has not risen. • wasps will usually be found in their nests. • They lay eggs first to help the queen increase the population but eventually become sterile when there are enough wasps in the nest. • Wasps are very aggressive from August to October . • There are hundreds of species of wasps in the UK, the majority of which feed their young (larvae) on other insects. • There are only eight species of social wasp.

  4. Snails • I have snails in my garden • Here are some facts: • Snails are one of the earliest known types of animals in the world. All snails are classified as mollusks because of the hard shell that protects their bodies. • Many people confuse slugs as snails but they aren’t in the same category due to the fact that they don’t have shells. • The largest land snail recorded weighed only 2 pounds and was 15 inches long. • As snails move they leave behind slime. • Some people love snails and find them to be very fascinating. Ewww yucky slim!

  5. AHHH SPIDERS Spiders • I have spiders in my garden • Here are some facts: • Spiders’ silk webs are known for their strength as well as elasticity. • Luckily, spiders are born with almost no colour, making them nearly invisible in the air. • A Frenchman, Bon De Saint-Hilaire, showed it was possible to make fabric from spider silk. • Spiders rarely bite people (unless provoked), so you should not fear daily encounters with deadly spiders.

  6. ladybird 450 more species • I have ladybirds in my garden • Here are some facts: • The ladybird (also known as the ladybug) is a small colourful beetle found all around the world. • They are red black spots on them. • There are thought to be more than 5,000 different species of ladybird in the world, with more than 450 species found in North America alone. • The ladybird is best known for it's spotted body (normally red and black, but often orange and yellow are found). • Ladybirds are known to hibernate once the warm summer weather begins to cool.

  7. That’s all the bugs for now!byeeeeeeeee Awww I hate to see you leave but BYE BYE!