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bugs. THE WORLD IS OUR OYSTER...!. ROBOTS OF THE FUTURE. So. You’ve looked at programming. You’ve researched how robots are used now, at the start of the 21 st Century. Here’s your next task. ROBOTS OF THE FUTURE.

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  2. ROBOTS OF THE FUTURE • So. • You’ve looked at programming. • You’ve researched how robots are used now, at the start of the 21st Century. • Here’s your next task....

  3. ROBOTS OF THE FUTURE • Henry Ford – one of the people credited with designing the first motor car, said that if he had asked people what they wanted, before designing the car, he’d have been told, ‘A faster horse’. No one predicted the vehicle he created – and I doubt he could have predicted what it has become, in all its different roles in our world. • Sometimes, designs have to be, just, WOW!

  4. ROBOTS OF THE FUTURE • “Of course Ford's customers wanted a faster horse because the horse was all they knew.  It took innovation to come up with something better than a faster horse.  Thomas Edison's customers wanted brighter, longer-lasting candles.  Union Pacific's customers wanted faster trains. Fortunately for all of us, Ford and Edison had the gift of looking beyond what "was" and imagining what "could be".  No one in the railroad industry had that same gift and saw their passenger business taken away by the upstart airlines.” FROM http://tacony.typepad.com/blog/2007/10/faster-horses-v.html

  5. ROBOTS OF THE FUTURE • Uses of robots AT THE END of the 21st century... • Design an advertisement (magazine/ newspaper/ presentation/video (scripted!)/ animation/ billboard poster/...) about a whole new robot that your company has designed for... • Medical uses? • Military uses? • Rescue/Emergency uses? • Domestic uses? • Agricultural uses? • Industrial uses? • Entertainment uses? Topio plays table tennis...not sure why...– from http://en.wikipedia.org

  6. ROBOTS OF THE FUTURE Robot to keep track of drugs? – from http://future.wikia.com No idea what these do– from http://future.wikia.com ASIMO my hero!– from http://renovationsf.org Surgical robot NOW used to help in operations – from Imperial College London

  7. Robots, of the future • So choose something in the world around you that just isn’t right... • How could you/the two of you design the answer to the problems that come with... • Older people living on their own (no one knows if they need help)? • People with disabilities who want to be independent? • Kids who have difficulties remembering things? • Sheffield traffic jams? • Expensive travel to and from school? • Clothes that just never fit?

  8. Robots, robots, everywhere! • And for those who are bigger thinkers... • HOW would your robot design improve the way people live? • WHAT type of materials would you use? • HOW expensive would it be, do you think – it has to be affordable for the people you think would use it, right?

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