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WEBGURU PART-2. http:// Presented By:NEHA BHATT. To update or delete Assignment: “Manage” tab >>course tools>>“Assignment”>> update or delete.

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  2. To update or delete Assignment: “Manage” tab >>course tools>>“Assignment”>>update or delete

  3. (F) SEARCH: Faculty can search a student or other teachers by select the criteria (full name, first name, last name, and mobile number registration year roll number user id) according to their need.

  4. (G) CREATING TEST QUESTIONS (Course tools >> “create” tab >>TEST>>Create Question>>Question type>>save.): • Faculty can create test (with test title, description, test type (objective, subjective), marks, and duration) and also select the students for facing test. • By create question tab questions can be created (with question type (multi choice, true/false or subjective), question statement, options, chapter and marks) and created question will be automatically added to the question bank. • Faculty can view the details of question bank by clicking on it, also modifies or deletes the existing questions. But question which have been added to test cannot be deleted from the bank. • MANAGING QUSETION BANK: • “Manage” tab>>View question bank>>create question/update question/delete question. • Teacher can reactivate test for student after the End date and time has elapsed. This can be done by clicking on title of the test in “CREATE” tab. • REACTIVATING TEST Course tools >> “create” tab >>create test>>select the students>>reactivate.

  5. (H)WEBLINK (Course tools >> “create” tab >>web link >> create web link for student.):Web links are those website links made by teachers to the students registered for that specific course. They may be academicweb links or general links which the teacher wishes to share with students

  6. (I) MEDIA LIBRARY:All the relevant audio, video files which teacher wants to share with students. These files may be subjective or motivational.

  7. For creating collection, enter collection title and description after that by clicking on title, we can add files on it.

  8. Faculty have right to modify those folders

  9. (J) CREATE TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION (Course tools >>Discussions>> “CREATE TOPIC”): • Faculty can create discussion topic, its description and date. This discussion topic can be viewed by all students enrolled for that course and other faculty can also view it. • If another faculty or students (enrolled for that course) want to comment on the discussion topic they can easily do it by clicking on the topic and then clicking on CREATE MESSAGE tab. • Faculties (who make discussion topic) are authorized for any modification. • To update or delete Discussions: • “Manage” tab>>Course tools>>” Discussion”>>you can not Update/Delete the Discussions.

  10. (K) ONLINE CONVERSATION (By click on CHAT tab): To chat with student’s teachers fellow of the course: Course tools >> “chat” >> Enter Chat RoomThis facilitates live discussion, Question & Answer forums related to work area or course.

  11. (L)CREATE MAIL (course tools >>”mail tab”>>create Message >> send.): Faculties can create mail for other faculties or for the student.This is simple as composing mail on internet sites.All facilities of mails similar to your internet sites.

  12. TO delete mail “Manage” tab>>Course tools>>”mail tab”>>select mail>>Delete the mail

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