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  1. Test your knowledge while trying to earn as many points as possible by removing Cavity Sam’s ailments! Operation Start Game Ailment Descriptions

  2. Adam’s Apple – in the throat. Charley Horse – a sudden cramp in a leg or foot. Spare Ribs – 2 ribs joined together as 1. Funny Bone – the humerus, or arm bone. Butterflies in Stomach – feeling in the stomach when nervous or afraid. Bread Basket – slang for stomach. Wish Bone – bone located on left side of chest. Water on Knee – medical condition. Writer’s Cramp – cramp in hand after writing for a while. Broken Heart – deep feeling of pain or loss. Wrenched Ankle – twisted ankle. Ankle Bone connected to Knee – large bone that connects the ankle to the knee. Ailment Descriptions

  3. Adam’s Apple Charley Horse Spare Ribs Choose a Doctor’s Card Butterflies in Stomach Funny Bone Bread Basket Wish Bone Water on Knee Writer’s Cramp Broken Heart Wrenched Ankle Ankle Connected to Knee Exit Game

  4. Adam’s Apple At what age, in months, does a child begin to receive skim milk in their food package? 18 Months 24 Months 12 Months Return to Game Board

  5. Charley Horse What is the largest Cash Value Voucher given in a month? $8 $6 $5 Return to Game Board

  6. Spare Ribs Based on typical formula consumption of an infant, at what age should parents expect to need more formula than WIC provides? 1 Month 4 Months 6 Months Return to Game Board

  7. Butterflies in Stomach A woman pregnant with twins receives the same amount of food in her food package as what other category? C4 PN EN Return to Game Board

  8. Funny Bone Which method is not recommended as a way to thaw breastmilk? Refrigerator Microwave Warm Water Return to Game Board

  9. Bread Basket What flavor of shelf stable Soy Milk is WIC-approved? Plain or Vanilla Original or Cake-Batter Vanilla or Chocolate Return to Game Board

  10. Wish Bone What purpose does Vitamin A have in the body? Vision, Immunity, and Skin Vision, Reproduction and Kidney Vision, Reproduction, and Skin Return to Game Board

  11. Water on Knee Which item is not an allowable WIC expense? Baby Dolls Childrens Books Nipple Shields Return to Game Board

  12. Writer’s Cramp Which cereal is WIC-approved? Honey Nut Cheerios Honey Bunches of Oats: Vanilla Coco Puffs Return to Game Board

  13. Broken Heart If a participant is lactose intolerant, what milk alternative should be offered first? Lactose Free or Reduced Soy Milk Chocolate Return to Game Board

  14. Wrenched Ankle What conditions must exist in order to issue checks for canned beans, fruits, and vegetables? Unsanitary Water/ Lack of Refrigeration Unsanitary Water/ No Transportation No Transportation/ Lack of Refrigeration Return to Game Board

  15. Ankle Connected to Knee Who benefits from the changes to the WIC Food Package? You! Everyone! Me! Return to Game Board