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  2. Angry Arguments The kids had a hard time, whilst mum and dad argued!! DAD SCREAMED MUM SHOUTED MOVE OUT NOW!!!!! THINK OF THE KIDS! BILLY QUESTIONED Daddy?? Eventually dad moved to the BMB hotel. Moving Out

  3. About the kids Lauren Jack Ruby Billy Lauren loves listening to loud music in her room, with her sister Ruby! Lauren can be bad at times, as she shoplifted lipstick! Jack loves to play golf and enters competitions with Lauren! He really wants to get his mum and dad back together, with his plan! Ruby is clumsy, as she got run over by a car, running to get her dad! Ruby likes to help her brothers and sisters collect money for a trip! Billy is the youngest of the four and, tries to help the best he can, even though he is a toddler! He loves his teddy Volvo very much, and loves to chew his ear!

  4. The Plan!! When Jack tries to save his mum and dads marriage, he then comes up with a crazy idea of taking them to romantic Paris! Unfortunately this does not work instead they go to the Eiffel Tower on the golf course.

  5. The Crash! Ruby got run over, by a car, as she was running to her dad! She spent a couple of days in hospital recovering!