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  1. Operation Domination!

  2. Who is this Jeff Sherman guy anyway? -Joined the Air Force at 18 -was a personal trainer (extra duty assignment) -worked at my friends personal training studio -moved home in 2001 got a job at Bally’s -Started my own business in October 2002 -Now have a multiple 6 figure boot camp, an online fitness business, consulting with small businesses in my local area.

  3. What I am not… • - A “Guru” nor do I claim to know it all. • I have nothing to sell you today. Just 100% pure content. • This is just some information that I have been using in my businesses that has been working really well lately.

  4. My goal for today… • Show you how to effectively use Facebook to increase your revenue in your business. • Give you specific ideas that you can implement right away at either no cost or low cost to you. • And of course, over deliver and win the $1,000 to my Charity!

  5. Why Use For Your Business?

  6. It’s Where The Traffic is! • 631,804,680 Global Users • 153,590,300 U.S. Users

  7. The average U.S. Internet user spends more time on Facebook than on Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Microsoft, Wikipedia and Amazon combined.

  8. In January 2010 the average American user spent 7 hours on Facebook! That is more than 14 minutes a Day!

  9. “Who Wants to Learn How to Convert these users, into Clients/Patients That Pay, Stay, And Refer?”

  10. Why I use Facebook to grow my business. 1. To position myself as the Expert 2. Generate Referals 3. Build Raving Fans 4. To Increase Retention 5. To Build My List and Create Leads

  11. To Position Myself as the Expert. The three main ways I use facebook to position myself as the local expert is: Hold 20 min. Q & A’s Videos 3. Notes/Blog (write articles)

  12. To Generate Referrals. To Generate Referrals on facebook you have to give people something to talk about. You can do this by: Tagging Clients in Pictures Host Events (Seminars /Workshops) Testimonials

  13. To Build Raving Fans. To build your tribe of raving fans you have to post stuff that is worth reading. People Love to read: Motivational Quotes/Videos (Don’t Automate) 2. Tips of the day

  14. To Increase Retention. I love the SMS feature to help increase my retention rates! Using this feature will help you keep an eye on all of your Clients/Patients. Mobile Marketing is the next big thing! 100% open rate!

  15. To Build My List And Create Leads. The Money is in your email LIST! The main reason to be on Facebook is to get your potential clients/patients on your email list and off of Facebook!

  16. To Build My List And Create Leads. These are the best No cost and Low Cost methods for building your list on Facebook. Groups and Fan Pages Facebook Ads

  17. To Build My List And Create Leads. Groups a. try to find active groups, the bigger the better b. contribute to the group. Post relevant content c. message the admin and ask to message the group for you. d. use the survey method

  18. To Build My List And Create Leads. 2. Custom Fan Pages -Builds two lists at one time! -Use Facebook as your Fan Page! -Have contest on your fan page

  19. To Build My List And Create Leads.

  20. To Build My List And Create Leads. 3. Facebook Ads -Cheap Traffic (Pay per click) -You can narrow it down to your target audience -Immediate ROI

  21. To Build My List And Create Leads. 3. Facebook Ads (Monthly Summary) My Budget $20 per day… ($600 a month) = about 15 clicks a day which = about 5-7 opt ins per day

  22. To Build My List And Create Leads. 3. Facebook Ads (Monthly Summary) = 1 consultation per day (5 a week) = 3 to 4 will normally show up = 2 to 3 new members per week (8-12 new members a month)

  23. To Build My List And Create Leads. 3. Facebook Ads (Monthly Summary) Each member pays $197 per month So 8 new members = $1,576.00 $1,576 - $600 = $976 profit

  24. To Build My List And Create Leads. “All Advertising should be free or making you money.” “If your advertising is costing you money, it’s because your advertising sucks!”

  25. Resources Get a custom fan page made. $79 - Graphics (banners, logos, etc…) -Really Fast and Affordable

  26. Resources Hosting - - Word Press Themes and Plug ins

  27. Thank You! Questions?