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Unit Leadership Development Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit Leadership Development Program

Unit Leadership Development Program

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Unit Leadership Development Program

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  1. Unit Leadership Development Program “Committed to Developing the World’s Best Leaders!”

  2. Leadership Continuum • Here is the Leadership training menu: • Administrative Procedures Course (APC) • Flotilla Commander’s Academy (FCA) • Staff Officer’s Course (SOC) • Auxiliary Senior Officer Course (ASOC) • Auxiliary Mid Level Officer Course (AMLOC) • Auxiliary Leadership & Management (AUXLAM).


  4. Unit Leadership Development Program (ULDP) • The ULDP is a comprehensive leadership development system designed for the Gold Side, Auxiliary units of any size and individuals interested in leadership development • The System contains training tools and proven practices designed to improve work group leadership, followership, collaboration, and ultimately unit readiness and effectiveness.

  5. Unit Leadership Development Program 101 • Developed in concert with CG Leadership Competencies • Designed to support and enhance resident leadership training (LAMS, CPOA, etc.) • Driven by your unit and supported by the Commandant and National Commodore • Web based application with variety of training and non-training interventions.

  6. Why Have a ULDP ? • Good Leaders know leadership development is the right thing to do! • It’s the right thing to do, but Auxiliary Units aren’t sure where to start • Leadership resources were out there but were not provided in a systematic method. • No process in place to support the learning provided in resident courses back at the unit!

  7. Goals of the ULDP (See Handout) 1. Reinforces the 28 Coast Guard Leadership Competencies • Leading Self (7) • Leading Others (6) • Leading Performance and Change (6) • Leading the Coast Guard (9)

  8. Goals of the ULDP • Promotes a culture that is receptive and supportive of the proven leadership principles provided in CG Leadership Courses and CG approved courses • Improve leadership and followership at the District, Division, Flotilla & Individual level.

  9. Goals of the ULDP 4. Finally, the ULDP becomes the focal point for unit based leadership development. The ULDP is a “one stop shopping” resource for items like: • Individual Development Plans (IDPs) • CG Leadership Resources • Commandant’s Reading List & associated lesson plans to facilitate discussion/learning • Leadership Course offerings • Variety of additional leadership resources available to all CG members.

  10. ULDP Basic Elements • Digital library of resources, including both training solutions and proven practices • Short, user-friendly, internet based Command Assessment linked to the Leadership Competencies • Report summarizing the unit’s strengths and areas of improvement as they relate to the Leadership Competencies and links to associated resources (training and non-training).

  11. ULDP Basic Elements • Leadership Coach to assist with ULDP deployment, assessment review, action plans, and general knowledge of ULDP resources (strictly command driven – you ask for the Coach!) • Ongoing leadership development program with the ULDP as the foundation.

  12. Charting the Way through the ULDP Start here! Leadership Follow on Assessment Visit the ULDP Implement Proven Practice /Provide Training Identify a POC @ the unit Leadership Coach Develop an Action Plan Conduct Assessment Review Assessment Results

  13. Your ULDPA Demo • ULDP Website:

  14. Home Page

  15. Assessment Results Page

  16. Resource Page

  17. Resource Page – By Competency

  18. How Does 13th Get Started??

  19. Auxiliary Startup • Can Be Any Organizational Element • Must have 50% before data appears • Each RCO Recommend 2 flotillas • Each Flotilla has Point of Contact (POC) • Send by Email to VCO & DSO-MT • DSO-MT submits to Director of Auxiliary.

  20. Auxiliary Startup • Selected Flotillas complete survey • Results @ flotilla meeting DCO/VCO/DSO/ADSO attends • Flotilla Action Plan • Flotilla Critique • Evaluation Session @ Fall District Meeting • District Board – District Implementation??

  21. What Do You Think? District Board Has Approved Initial Test of Six Flotillas

  22. AUXOP Changes

  23. AUXOP Courses • Expand AUXOP beyond Operations • Utilize Coast Guard developed courses available through the Coast Guard Institute • Maintain current AUXOP courses while inventory is in stock at ANSC • Keep “6 course” standard and AUXOP pin • AUXOP still remains the “gold standard” for Auxiliary training

  24. Benefits to the Member • Training will be reviewed regularly by Coast Guard experts for accuracy and in a more timely manner • These courses can be made available to Auxiliarists through the Coast Guard Institute and other Coast Guard sources • These courses are available at no cost to the Auxiliary • Completion of a Coast Guard Institute course is the Coast Guard “standard”.

  25. Value-added Training • Increases knowledge and skills beyond our traditional missions • Differentiated from AUXOP in that AUXOP courses have course material that is more sophisticated and complex, requires more training time and will have proctored end-of-course test • Instructional Designers and Course Developers (Web-based, using HTML, Java Script, Flash, etc.) needed to build these ELearning courses and make them readily available to the members.

  26. Possible Topics • Problem-Solving • Writing Skills • Project Management Practices • Teamwork & Technology • Intellectual Property & Licensing • Advertising & Promotion • E Commerce • FORMAL CHANGES BY FALL DISTRICT MEETING.

  27. Course Suggestions??? Send to