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  1. Acrostic Poem Instructions Create Acrostic Poem: Choose at least one adjective for each letter of your name. **You may use the personal and character qualities handout or a dictionary or the internet to find new words. You must know the meaning of the words you select and be able to explain how each word you’ve chosen fits you. Be sure you choose the adjective form of each word. For example, “excite” is a verb and “excitable” is an adjective. “Exciting” is a participle so it can be used as an adjective…BUT “excitable” and “exciting” mean very different things. Frankie ascinating uthless Urb ne oisy • Use the dictionary! At least three words must be “new to you” and defined somewhere on your paper ind ntelligent maciated

  2. Warm-up #3 Name Paragraph 8/28/13 Read: Take a look at the acrostic (Name) poem you completed yesterday. Write: Choose 1 (only one) “new to you” adjective from your poem, and write a paragraph in which you explain why that word fits you. Must be at least 5 sentences. What makes a good paragraph? A good paragraph has a topic sentence and is supported by clear evidence, such as specific examples and personal stories.

  3. Example Paragraph for warm up #3 I am a helpful person. In fact, just this morning, I helped a former student, Miguel Matos, edit and print his paper for Senior English. I also help my son with his homework, and his best friend, Tal. Last night, Tal needed help finding his course syllabus for his TCC dual credit English class, so I hopped online and showed him where to sign up for access to his account electronically. It is clear that the word helpful describes me perfectly.

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