read and write thriller stories online and free alter stories n.
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Create and Share your Own Stories PowerPoint Presentation
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Create and Share your Own Stories

Create and Share your Own Stories

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Create and Share your Own Stories

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  1. Read and Write Thriller Stories Online, and Free : Alter Stories Alterstoriesis one of the most imaginative platforms that burn the thin line separating readers and writers. This platform brings readers and writers at the same page, where even readers can write or alter the story they like, according to their imagination.

  2. An Imaginative Platform - Alter Stories is an imaginative online platform. One of the most significant characteristic of this platform is to function the idea of fusing writers and readers as one.

  3. A Free Platform - You can write first 700 words of a story, and get your story stretched by other writers who found your work interesting. Other interested or creative writers can write a follow up of your story by adding elements and events from their end. And, this opens up ways to actually shape a masterpiece. You can write free thriller stories, and read thriller stories for free as well.

  4. Collaborative Platform for Writers and Readers interested in different Genres - Writers and Readers may have interest in different genres. There is an option of Genres where different categories are available including Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Sci-fi and Thriller.

  5. Features of Inspirations and Awards – This feature is most appreciable section. This creative platform to write and share your own story features options of Inspirations and Awards. You can be the first to inspire a story. You can award the story in categories of Keywords (for the correct use of keywords), Follow up (for a well-written and beautiful follow-up) and Plot Twist (for a very awesome unexpected radical change in the expected direction).

  6. Thank You