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St Louis Eco School PowerPoint Presentation
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St Louis Eco School

St Louis Eco School

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St Louis Eco School

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  1. St Louis Eco School Our achievements so far All information is presented on

  2. Eco-Committee

  3. The Eco-Committee • We meet every week • Friday 1.45pm to 2.15pm, Primary • Monday 1.30pm to 2.15pm, Middle School • Adult committee members are • School Director • Lucia   Vescovi • Deputy Heads • Natasha Croad, Gerry Rafferty, Sarah Revell • Eco Architect/PAB • Donatella Ricchiuti • Caretaker Paolo Castelli • Student Council coordSarah  Ramsay • Student Council coordChristina Gianandrea • Loca Administration, Stefano Piccardi • Recycling Bins local admin Maria Caruso • School cleaner Maria

  4. The Primary Section of the Eco-Committee

  5. The Middle School Section of the Eco-Committee

  6. We have an Eco-notice board The 7 steps Information about Eco School

  7. Our meetings are at lunch Great decisions are made over a plate of pasta!

  8. Review

  9. Review • We started with an audit of the school and how Eco-Friendly we already were, we recorded results and put them on our website • Students from the School Council completed the audit.

  10. Action Plan

  11. Action Plan • The action plan shows all the things we want to achieve and how we plan to do it. Each time something is achieved we update it

  12. Full plan on website

  13. Monitoring

  14. Monitoring • With her architectural drawings of the school we were able to monitor how much electricity we used. • To get us started, a local Eco-Architect helped us audit the school‘s electricity use.

  15. Monitoring • We placed a record sheet like this in every single room in the school every week for a month.

  16. Electricity monitoring We checked whether lights and other electrical things were on or off We recorded the results

  17. Electricity Monitoring • The results were put into an Excel document for each floor of the school.

  18. Our Environmental Review • From this we were able to calculate how much electricity we use in the school each week. • The calculations were carried out using Microsoft Excel • The results were recorded on the school plan

  19. What else have we done?

  20. Outside school we... ...planted new trees when others had to be cut down ...renovated the Eco Mud Hut

  21. ...look after our pond area for our nature area, we’re growing pumpkins

  22. ...have litter monitors

  23. Inside school we... ...recycle paper ... save water from being wasted

  24. We also... recycle all of our food waste And have plants inside school as well as outside

  25. What else are we doing? • We have student monitors to prevent litter dropping • Water monitors to check taps are turned off • We recycle as much as possible • We plan eco-work into our curriculum, planning samples on next slide

  26. Curriculum

  27. Year 7 Science Planning Year 2 English Planning

  28. We publicised the Eco Schools project to the whole school, with assemblies.

  29. This was our very first Podcast, please listen on our website Our School Open Day was on World Earth Day so we made our Eco Podcast

  30. We have made moviessee website

  31. Community

  32. Community • 1.We involved the community in the project by allowing our ideas to infiltrate the neighbourhood around us. • 2.We used podcast/website and neighbourhood visits to develop community recognition without use of paper • • 3.Unique Industrial link to a firm of eco architects...[Director Donatella Wallnofer] that will take our monitoring surveys and look at developing in the near future an eco friendly newly designed school in our community • 4.We measured traffic level noise near our school by adopting microphones

  33. Community • 5.We asked staff to cycle to work to develop community spirit • ...Deputy Head and Head of performing arts and numerous teachers took up challenge • 6.Open Day design of trees made from recycled material AUCTIONED to our internal and external community for charity • 7.The world community was alerted using our website [here] that shows at least 30 countries were interested in our venture. • 8. EcoSports Day • 9.We issue an open invitation to Head of Eco-Italy to our Eco sports Day

  34. Eco-Code

  35. Eco-code • We had a competition to find the best Eco-Code poem, using an acrostic poem with ST LOUIS SCHOOL as the starting letters

  36. Our Eco-Code • S Sing along to the St Louis tune • T Turn off the lights when you leave the room • L Let others take up the St Louis cause • O Others, make them aware of our new green laws • U Us, we are an Eco School, so let’s start now, • I It will soon succeed, we tell you now • S So these are the points to show you how • S Stop wasting paper and killing trees • C Cans and bottles, don’t forget them please • H Heaters aren’t needed when it’s a sunny day • O Only open the windows, starting from May • O Open your eyes, see what you’ve done • L Let’s leave the world full of fun

  37. The Future

  38. What’s next? • We will re-monitor electricity use and see if we have reduced the electricity bills • Look into methods of making the school heating more eco-friendly • We will keep doing all of the things we have started doing this year • We will keep asking advice from eco schools

  39. Hopefully with a Green Flag flying over the school...