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VOCABULARY. Who’s Who in Musicals?. Conductor Composer Lyricist Choreographer Principles Soubrette Chorus. C onductor. The person who directs the orchestra. C omposer. The person who writes the MUSIC. SCORE The music of the show, as composed. lyricist.

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  2. Who’s Who in Musicals? • Conductor • Composer • Lyricist • Choreographer • Principles • Soubrette • Chorus

  3. Conductor The person who directs the orchestra

  4. Composer The person who writes the MUSIC SCORE The music of the show, as composed

  5. lyricist The person who writes the WORDS to the music That’s right…there’s no pictures… because its all WORDS!!!! LYRICS The words to a song Book/libretto The entire script of the musical

  6. Choreographer The person who designs the dances for the stage

  7. CHOREOGRAPHY SO…that means that Choreography is…. The dances that are designed for a song in a production

  8. principles The named lead characters in a musical

  9. soubrette • Secondary female lead, usually a comic role

  10. chorus The singers other than the principles

  11. Types of Musicals • Opera • Operetta • Comic Opera • Musical Revue • Musical Comedy • Concept Musical • Musical Play • Spoof

  12. Opera Totally music – even conversations are SUNG! Examples La Traviata Sydney Opera House

  13. Operetta A lighter music and actors speak lines rather than just singing Examples Babes in Toyland The Merry Widow

  14. Comic Opera A Offshoot of straight opera, it combines music and humor Examples The Pirates of Penzance The Mikado H.M.S. Pinafore

  15. Musical Revue Consists of a loosely connected series of lavish production numbers Examples Ain’t Misbehavin’

  16. Musical Comedy Combines music and humor Examples Guys and Dolls Annie Get Your Gun Anything Goes

  17. Concept Musical A play that is built around a particular idea Examples Cats A Chorus Line Starlight Express

  18. Musical Play Acting and choreography are equally integral, increased emphasis on real people in real situations Examples Oklahoma! Fiddler on the Roof

  19. Spoof A farcical play that pokes fun at certain subjects or eras (time periods) Examples Once Upon A Mattress Little Mary Sunshine

  20. Parts of (some) Musicals • Overture • Crossover • Lead in Line • Change Music • Production Number • Underscore • Vamp • Recitative

  21. Overture • Music played at the start of a show, a medley of the show’s songs

  22. Crossover • A short scene played in front of the curtain while scenery is being changed

  23. Lead in Line • The line or lines of dialogue immediately preceding a song, usually underscored

  24. Change music • The music played between scenes

  25. Production Number • A large-scale musical number involving many performers

  26. Underscore • Music played that accompanies dialogue

  27. Vamp • To repeat measures of music until a singer is ready

  28. Recitative • A singing style that is closer to speaking than to singing

  29. Misc. Other Stuff • Backlighting • Follow Spot • Combos • Reversibles

  30. Backlighting • Throws light on the performer from above and slightly upstage

  31. Follow Spot • A light that throws light on the performer even when they move

  32. Combos • A small group of instrumentalists

  33. Reversibles • Garments that are made doublefaced so they can be worn either side out

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