the executive branch n.
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The Executive Branch

The Executive Branch

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The Executive Branch

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  1. The Executive Branch The Presidency

  2. 44th President • Barack Obama is our 44th President and serves in many roles. • He is the chief of state which means he is the head of state.

  3. Chief Executive • Barack Obama is also referred to as the chief executive because he is head of the executive branch. • As chief administrator of the federal government President Obama is in charge of an administration that employs nearly three million civilians.

  4. Other positions • President Obama is also commander and chief (in charge of the armed forces) • Chief legislator.. He just helped push through Congress the healthcare reform bill. • Chief of Party- The Democrats “top guy” • Chief Citizen

  5. Fun facts/ Qualifications • Must be a natural born citizen to be President • Must be 35 years old • Also have lived in the U.S. for 14 years • John F Kennedy youngest President ever elected. Ronald Reagan the oldest to be elected at 69.

  6. Salary and other information • President makes $400,000 a year • If President dies, resigns or is impeached the Vice President becomes President • 25th amendment made the succession of the Vice President a formal amendment .

  7. Line of Succession • President • VP • Speaker of the House • President Pro Tempore • Secretary of State • List is on page 359

  8. Assignment/Web quest • Online you need to search for the people that are in line to become President. Look at the list on page 359. Your goal for today is to learn how the line of succession would work if multiple people in government were injured/killed or impeached. Your job is to give me a list of names including the President and Vice President followed by the next eight people in line to be President. I want their name, their current title and where they are on the line of succession list. Assignment is due Wednesday and will be graded for accuracy. Good luck!!

  9. Electoral College • When deciding how the President would be elected the Framers of the Constitution believed that people in the country were not educated enough to be able to choose wisely. • So they devised a system to elect the President

  10. Electoral College • Framers came up with a plan. • Each of states would have as many presidential electors as it had senators and representatives combined. • This system tends to make candidates focus on large states/highly populated states in order to gain the 270 votes it needs out of 538 possible votes. • Each of these voters would pick two people for President • The person with the highest number of votes would be the president, while the second most votes would become the vice President.

  11. 12th Amendment • Created separate elections for President and VP because of the election of 1800. Parties emerged and this type of election no longer worked. • After this method they went to a method creating a separate race for President and VP

  12. National Conventions • This is where a party nominates who their nominee for their political party will be • Elections that decide who each candidate will be for a party are called Presidential Primaries • At the beginning of these conventions a keynote address is given. This is usually given to fire up support for the party and its issues!

  13. Party platform • Basic statement of the party’s principles and what it stands for on major political issues/policy matters. • Deciding the party platform is one of the most important things done at a national convention • At the end of the convention the actual voting by delegates from each state for the party candidate is done. Balloting continues until a candidate receives a majority of the delegates'’ votes.

  14. Assignment/Project • Create a political party and give it a name(5pts) • Give your party a political symbol (5pts) • Create a party platform highlighting where your party stands on 8 political issues/ 8 small paragraphs describing your stance on each issue ! (20 points) • Give me a representation of what your candidate looks like (5 points)