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Haugalandskonferansen 2009 Osvald M Bjelland Chairman, Xyntéo

Haugalandskonferansen 2009 Osvald M Bjelland Chairman, Xyntéo. TM. Hvordan skape vekst i en krisetid?. Først- Hva er iferd med å skje? ( Context). Email from Obama Advisor.

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Haugalandskonferansen 2009 Osvald M Bjelland Chairman, Xyntéo

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  1. Haugalandskonferansen 2009 Osvald M Bjelland Chairman, Xyntéo TM

  2. Hvordan skape vekst i en krisetid?

  3. Først- Hva er iferd med å skje? ( Context)

  4. Email from Obama Advisor • Caterpillar made first 20,000 job cuts, then 3,000 and then…, all in less than two weeks time.  No employer has yet found bottom, and unemployment is only getting worse. • 19 million jobs are missing in order for there to again be near full employment. • China has accumulated more than $2 trillion of foreign currency reserves, and is using them aggressively. • There is no safety net for 90% of American families, due to falling home prices, the absence of any savings nation-wide for over a decade, and maxed out home equity loans, credit cards and auto loans. • What once appeared to be substantial savings disappeared when home prices collapsed by 30% on average, back to 2002-2003 levels.

  5. GLTE: Strategic Framework IV PROJECTS FOR CHANGE

  6. The changing context is driving urgency.....

  7. The Financial Crisis leads to........

  8. The Financial Crisis leads to........ ...Global Depression

  9. ...and Social Unrest The Financial Crisis leads to........ Global Depression

  10. “Stimulus is intended to jump-start the economy, but if properly conceived and executed it can also launch us on a new, low-carbon path to green growth.” Ban Ki-moon and Al Gore, FT 17 February 2009

  11. The Environmental Crisis leads to...

  12. Dramatic.....

  13. ...Climate...

  14. ...Change The Environmental Crisis leads to...

  15. “The IPCC has underestimated the rate of change. We are basically looking now at a future climate that is beyond anything that we've considered seriously in climate policy. Without effective action, climate change is going to be larger and more difficult to deal with than we thought.” Prof. Chris Field, AAAS Conference, Chicago, February 2009 “We are running out of time. What is different is the time pressure on leaders from the relentless consequences of climate change.” Lord Ronald Oxburgh, GLTE Exchange, Oslo, April 2008

  16. Increasing Population Growth...

  17. ...can lead to extreme poverty

  18. Vi trenger vekst ……..for å omstille vår vestlige teknologi og livsstil, for å skape nye jobber i vesten og utvikle økonomien i land som nå for full fart kommer inn og deltar i en mer global økonomi……… Eks…To achieve a 50% reduction in GHG emissions, an investment of about $45 trillion will be required by 2050 (~1% of global GDP).

  19. ...men vi trenger en ny type vekst…. Sustainable affluence Decouple affluence from energy use Unsustainable affluence HUMAN DEVELOPMENT INDEX Increasing affluence matched by increasing energy use and increasing emissions Unsustainable poverty PER CAPITA ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION (kWh)

  20. En Ny Pionertid Energy Revolution:Creating Growth Solutions for the Low Carbon Economy IT Revolution: Microprocessors Digital Networks Cellular Phones Software Environmental Degradation Technology Policy/Regulation Technology Public Awareness De-regulation Technology Innovation Industrial Revolution: Railways Shipping Cotton Steam Technology The Natural Edge Project 2004 1785 1845 1900 1990 2020

  21. Hvordan skape vekst i en krisetid….hvordan skape en ny type vekst? GLTE Fire muligheter ( strategic agenda)

  22. GLTE: Strategic Framework IV PROJECTS FOR CHANGE

  23. Co-Creation • Rockefeller Center • Steve Chu

  24. GLTE Partners

  25. GLTE: Governance & Structure GLTE provides a framework for collaborative innovation for leaders in creating growth solutions for the low carbon economy GLTE Co-chairmen Ingar Skaug, Group CEO, Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA Dr. Jamshed J. Irani, Director, Tata Sons Ltd. Alexander I. Medvedev,Deputy Chairman of Gazprom &Director General of Gazprom Export GLTE Programme Advisory Board • Considers/decides location of Global Exchanges • Considers all policy matters, such as media & IP • Considers external academic inputs • Advises on new membership • One, C-level representative from each company member • Meets twice each year to discuss strategy and gain immediate feedback • Sets vision & direction Lord Oxburgh of Liverpool Dr. David Lee Vice Chairman, World Trade Centers Association Edward Chandler Chairman, European Client Coverage, Deutsche Bank AG Carl-Peter Forster GM Group Vice President & President, GM Europe Margareth Øvrum EVP Technology & New Energy StatoilHydro

  26. Vekst mulighet 1: technology innovation...

  27. Vekst mulighet 2: collaborative innovation...

  28. ...Vekstmulighet 3 regulatory framework...

  29. ...Vekst mulighet 4new business models InterfaceFLOR goal = zero environmental footprint by 2020 New floor-covering can be completely remanufactured Lasts four times longer & uses 40% less material than carpets 86% reduction in materialsintensity New business model: InterfaceFLOR leases a floor-covering service for a fee Only worn out parts are being replaced. Reduction in need for materialsby 35 times

  30. Hvordan skape vekst i en krisetid- hva kan ledelsen gjøre?

  31. GLTE: Strategic Framework IV PROJECTS FOR CHANGE

  32. Traditional leadership skills and attributes will not be enough Leaders must address five essential areas in order to progress towards sustained, differentiated performance

  33. 1. Tolke hvordan verden endrer seg... Action • PG&E gathered leading scientists, proponents and sceptics, and asked them to make their best case on global warming. The conclusion was inescapable: • The situation was more severe than thought • Deterioration was happening more rapidly • Extensive measures were required now

  34. 2. Formulere en strategisk agenda for vekst CEO, Ben Verwaayen, strategically re-positioned the company by taking a path to carbon neutrality BT reduced emissions through energy efficiency and buying renewable energy while generating renewable energy.

  35. “You have to learn the rules of the game and then you have to play better than anyone else.” Albert Einstein

  36. 3. Omstillingsevene og kompetanse

  37. 4. …lederskap i bredden… distributed leadership... achieved distributed leadership without top-down discipline by: Business unit accountability for some of the overall target, included in the performance contracts.

  38. ..5. .Balansere arbeid i nettverk og egenlæring… .

  39. To valg i en krisetidSette oss ned eller reise oss opp og få fremover • Utvikle kunnskap – vinne kampen om talentutvikling • La oss ikke kritisere PISA, men samle oss om løsningene • Utvikle samarbeid med pionermiljø i Nettverk • Med bedrifter, universiteter, facebook, politikere • Utvikler verdier som • Entreprenørskap og aktivt samarbeid • Støtte hverande, til å vise mot og å søke langt • Omsorg i det små, for helhelten og personer med ulik bakgrunn …………………………..…er det vi trenger Mangfoldigfelleskap

  40. “en pionertid for endrede konsument vaner, nye foretnings modeller og et globalt samarbeidende nettverk”

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