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Time and Space

Time and Space

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Time and Space

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  1. Time and Space Travelling through and around Time and Space – The possibilities and impossibilities.

  2. Famous Astronomers Galileo Nicolaus Copernicus

  3. For over a thousand years many Astronomers have gazed up at the stars, trying to find an explanation for the sheer size of the observable Universe. Only a few hundred years ago Scientists believed the Earth was flat and That the Sun revolves around the Earth. It was great scientists such as Albert Einstein who discovered most of the aspects of Earth that we take for granted today.

  4. Despite these discoveries, there is still many questions left unanswered and many achievements unfulfilled. One of the biggest of these achievements is travelling Large distances in space. Many consider this to be an impossibility, as simply travelling to the moon is such a difficult objective. Despite this, many scientists have come up with theories which one day could be a possibility. One particularly interesting theory is a use for the Higgs Boson particle. This is that using the Higgs Boson, a space shuttle would have the capability to actually bend time and space, to create what is known as a wormhole. Imagine a piece of paper layed flat out on the palm of your hand. If it was bent until it is backwards on itself, in theory you Would be able to travel into the past.

  5. Despite this promising theory, there is still a major problem with wormholes. This is because of a well – explored concept known as a “Paradox”. A paradox is a famous result of time travel. An example of a “Paradox” would be if I travelled back in time to stop a bomb from detonating. This would be impossible because if I stop the bomb then when I decide to go to destroy the bomb in the first place, it would never have detonated anyway. This is the more Sci – Fi version of a Wormhole’s impossibility. The second problem is the simple fact that atoms cannot be reversed. If I went back in time to defuse the bomb, without realising it I would bring thousands of people “back to life”. As far as we know, this is a scientific impossibility and is likely to always be just as impossible.

  6. What are Atoms? Why can’t they be reversed? Atoms are like tennis balls in there shape and movement. They are highly dangerous when split, something that both Americans and Russians spent years trying to perfect. The reason they cannot be reversed is because atoms make up particles, particles make up cells, cells make up organs, organs make up organ systems and organ systems make up an organism. If a man has been dead fifty years, if someone travelled back in time, all of those things would have to be recreated, which would certainly be a large amount when you add up every atom for every object and organism that was alive or functional fifty years ago. This is why time travel is simply not possible.


  8. SCI–FI SPACE TRAVEL Within many Sci-Fi (Science Fiction) movies and television programmes, daring Captains fly ships around space with lasers blasting out of cannons and space shuttles reaching what is famously known as “Hyper Speed”. Although in these Science Fiction productions it is clear that it is all based far into the future, unfortunately none of these things are possible. Let’s take the Death Star as an example. It supposedly orbits around a moon of Endor and was supposed to have been constructed in space. This brings up many impossible ideas, such as simply building an object in space that large would not only be highly dangerous for workers, but would also stop them from attaching one object to another. If, for example, the Empire was attaching the death ray to the Death Star, the sheer size of the object would stop it from being attached.

  9. REAL TIME TRAVEL? This picture taken on the day of John Kennedy’s shooting who is believed to be a genuine time traveller. He can be found in over one hundred photos of places in time. It also appears that there is a man informing him of something, perhaps whispering in his ear. Another theory is that the smartly dressed man is talking to someone else, which would be proof of a Photoshopped hoax.

  10. WHAT ABOUT SPACE TRAVEL? Although travelling across space is possible, there is simply no material known to man that could withstand the heat and pressure of travelling at light speed, let alone an engine that could get achieve that speed. Not only this but because the Higgs Boson particle (if found) would need its own CERN on the space shuttle, to allow it to continue its journey. This means until technology advances much further there is no chance of long-distance space travel. This makes creating and using wormholes another impossibility.


  12. The speed needed is a mathematical impossibility The Higgs Boson would have to have a CERN built on board a Shuttle Wormholes are impossible NO The size of the Space Shuttle would require Alien-like engines No material could cope with the speed of the shuttle

  13. Thank you for watching my slideshow, go to my website for more information on the Thomas Tallis Extended Enquiry about Time and Space.