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Put Her Back On Throne: Admiring Opal PowerPoint Presentation
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Put Her Back On Throne: Admiring Opal

Put Her Back On Throne: Admiring Opal

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Put Her Back On Throne: Admiring Opal

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  1. Put Her Back On Throne: Admiring Opal In the first half of 2015, Sandra de Jong an Australian artist decided to sculpt a bust of Len Cram, author, opal miner, dealer, and historian. Image Source: Len Cram’s bust is unique for it is carved out of a large piece of GrawinSeam Opal.

  2. For a gemstone which was given the moniker ‘Queen of Gemstones‘, by none other than William Shakespeare, Opal has largely remained in shadows as compared to other precious stones. De Jong’s gesturethus, was a fitting tribute to both Opal and one of her most dedicated professional enthusiasts. The origin of the word ‘Opal’ is disputed. Opinions are divided on the Latin word ‘Opalus’ which means ‘a stone’ and the Sanskrit word ‘Upala’ meaning ‘jewels’. We are inclined towards believing the latter. Opal was associated with innocence, purity, and honesty before folklore and religious beliefs tarnished her symbolic significance over the passage of time.

  3. Notwithstanding such superstitions, Opal is considered to be a lucky talisman for the 14th and 18th Wedding Anniversaries. Opal is also a favorite with celebrities, past and present. Image Source: Andy Warhol, the eccentric avantgarde artist and filmmaker from the turbulent 70swas an avid collector of the precious gemstone. In 1977 his exhibition “Opal the Rainbow Gem” at the ICA in London featured photos of the gemstone taken through a microscope.

  4. Image Source: Avatar star Sam Worthington and his date Natalie Mark turned heads at the 82nd Academy Awards in 2010 with Mark flaunting a gorgeous pair of Bunda Opal Earrings. The amazing ‘Varvara’ earrings are huge Boulder Opal splits, and were declared in vogue in 2010.

  5. Image Source: , The King of Rock n’ Roll Elvis Presley had a massive 14k vintage Opal ring featuring a huge crystal Opal surrounded by 1.25ct of VS Diamonds.

  6. Image Source: The most famous admirer of the Opal however, has to be Elizabeth Taylor. She once famously said, “I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can’t possess radiance, you can only admire it.”That said,the late British actresshad one of the mostextravagant collection of precious gemstone jewelry. Among her many possessions was an exquisite pair of Opal danglers.

  7. According to a Bloomberg Business report, Opal is the ‘comeback stone of 2015’. Fine jewelry lines such as Irene Neuwirth and Cartier are making Opal their preferred choice this Fall-Winter. At Angara, we have a stunning collection of Opal Jewelry as well. You can take a look at them right here. It’s high time that the Queen of Gemstones got her dues. Let us know what do you think of Opal and her Celeb fans? Are you a secret Opal admirer living in fear of her alleged unlucky charm? We would like to know the answers. So let us know below! Source: