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  1. Vocabulary Group 6

  2. avert Әvurt’ V MOVEMENT 1.)to turn away 2.)to avoid During a solar eclipse, be sure to avert your eyes from the sun and use the pinhole camera to view the phenomenon.

  3. clamber klam’ bәr V MOVEMENT 1.) to climb using both hands and feet 2.)to scramble The hikers quickly clambered over the rocks and fallen trees to find shelter from the rain by hiding under the cliffs.

  4. detach V di tach’ MOVEMENT To separate In order to take the battery out of the cell phone, I had to detach the back cover from the phone.

  5. enroll en rol’ V MOVEMENT to register, enter, or enlist To enroll for this math class, you must have taken and passes Algebra I and Geometry.

  6. fluctuate Flәk’ chüwāt V MOVEMENT To swing back and forth The temperature in the room fluctuates from hot to cold every half hour, making it impossible to be comfortable.

  7. intervene In tәr vēn’ V MOVEMENT 1.) to occur between two things 2.) to interfere When the argument got out of control, the teacher had to intervene to stop the boys from getting into a fist fight.

  8. nimble nim’ bәl V MOVEMENT Quick and light in a movement Since Norma had amazingly nimble fingers and great coordination, she could type words 90 per minute.

  9. nomad no’ mad N MOVEMENT one who wanders about The nomads in the Middle East, known as the Bedouin, travel across the lands herding their sheep and goats.

  10. recede rēsēd’ V MOVEMENT To move away or withdraw The film director created a dramatic view of the ocean slowly receding into the background.

  11. ungainly Un gān’ lē N MOVEMENT awkward and ungraceful Although Anna was ungainly as an adolescent, she became a graceful ballerina as an adult.