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Bottom-fermented beers

Bottom-fermented beers. Jacobsen Extra Pilsner. Launch : June 2007 Beer Type : Nordic style lager (Organic Danish barley from named farmer ( terroir ) and Sea Thorn berries. Appearance : Light golden with a blonde head

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Bottom-fermented beers

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  1. Bottom-fermented beers

  2. Jacobsen Extra Pilsner • Launch: June 2007 • Beer Type: Nordic style lager (Organic Danish barley from named farmer (terroir) and Sea Thorn berries. • Appearance: Light golden with a blonde head • Aroma: Grainy aromas mingle with the fruity aromas of apricot, strawberry, rose and hops • Taste: It has medium body and a pronounced bitterness from the noble German organic hops - Hallertau Tradition and Spalter Select • Alcohol Strength: 5.5% vol. • Enjoy: As an aperitif. For classic Nordic lunch, steamed turbot with artichoke, chicken or lamb with steamed asparagus and chanterelle or Comté cheeses. Serve at 6-8°C Share our dedication

  3. Bottom-fermented beers

  4. Jacobsen Original Dark Lager • Launch: June 2005, brew after the original recipe of Jacobsen’s first beer! • Type: Dark Munich Lager • Appearance: Warm reddish brown glow since it is brewed with Munich and a hint of crystal malt • Aroma: Roasted, caramelised and malty aromas from the floor-malted Munich malt blend smooth with the floral hoppiness from Hersbrucker hops. • Taste: Light caramel sweetness with a smooth bitterness and a mild carbonation melting with the roundness from the long cold fermentation and maturation • Alcohol Strength: 5.8% vol. • Enjoy: With lasagne, pizza, open sandwiches and grilled meat. Serve at 6-8 degree C.

  5. Bottom-fermented beers

  6. Jacobsen Nordic Pine Bock • Launch: Autumn 2007 • Type: A dark bock beer bases on the terroir area of Lolland • Appearance: Red golden with a white head • Aroma: Rosemary coming from pine needles and fresh green spruces from Lolland, orange from the use of Amarillo hops, and a hint of peber • Taste: Moderate bitterness and a dry finish • Alcohol Strength: 6.0% vol. • Enjoy: Lamb. Serve at 5-10 degree C

  7. Top-fermented beers

  8. Jacobsen Brown Ale • Launch: June 2005 • Type: Standard Brown Ale with a touch from overseas • Appearance: Deep brown mahogany with light brown head • Aroma: It has a roasted character from 6 different malts and vinous grape notes like Sauvignon Blanc from the New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops. • Taste: Dry and caramelised with a smooth bitterness from Fuggle - and Kent Goldings hops, due to the Burtonisation of the brewing water • Alcohol Strength: 6.0% vol. • Enjoy: with roasted or fried beef, veal liver, cold smoked meat like smoked ham and pâtes

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