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Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications. MKT 750 Professor West. Agenda. Discuss the BMW Z3 Launch Paradigm shift to nontraditional marketing?. Launching the BMW Z3. Launching a Roadster:. Why did BMW use a “non-traditional” marketing venue for the Z3 launch?

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Integrated Marketing Communications

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  1. Integrated Marketing Communications MKT 750 Professor West

  2. Agenda • Discuss the BMW Z3 Launch • Paradigm shift to nontraditional marketing?

  3. Launching the BMW Z3

  4. Launching a Roadster: • Why did BMW use a “non-traditional” marketing venue for the Z3 launch? • Does this campaign qualify as a “paradigm shift in marketing” and should BMW continue with this approach in the future?

  5. Launching a Roadster: • Was the Z3 launch successful? How do you know? • What specific objective(s) would you set for Phase II of the campaign? What budget and media plan would you use?

  6. Launching a Roadster: • Situation Analysis • Four Cs + Environmental Factors • SWOT • Marketing Strategy • S-T-P • Tactical Decisions • Four Ps

  7. Phase I – Evaluation • Objectives: • “To expand the BMW franchise and further rejuvenate the BMW brand by positioning the Z3 squarely in American culture and settling into the hearts and minds of the American public” • Transition from Made in Germany Made by BMW

  8. Phase I – Evaluation • Objectives: • Use the roadster to stimulate dealers to meet high standards • Build an order bank of 5,000 cars and increase brand sales to 100,000 • Spillover a youthful image from the car to the BMW brand

  9. Phase I – Evaluation • Target Market & Decision Process • “Lover-of-life” psychographic segmentation • Image conscious Gen X, Aspirational car for 40 somethings, Nostalgia for late baby boomers • This is an emotional not rational purchase • Image of the “owners” is very important • How do you get someone to “fall in love” with the car?

  10. Strengths: Strong brand heritage Product positioning Fit with Bond Cost efficiency Opportunity: Improve dealer relationships Change perceptions of the brand Weaknesses: Traditional rather than youthful image Transition to US may be perceived negatively Threats Lack of control with non-traditional campaign Competitive threats with other roadsters Phase I – Evaluation

  11. Launching a Roadster • This is an emotional purchase… • Typically a secondary vehicle • Means of self-expression Awareness Interest Desire Action

  12. Phase I – Evaluation • Campaign Elements: • Product placement + Great fit with Bond (glamorous hero who loves life and is in control) + Strong potential for creating buzz + Gain access to foreign markets and young people - What if the movie is a flop? - Appearance was brief, only 90 sec - Six month gap between movie and product launch

  13. Awareness Interest Desire Measuring Success • TV & Print ads • Create excitement & association between the car & Bond • Well targeted vehicles (Seinfeld & 90210, Fortune, Business Week, etc…) • Memorable

  14. Magazine Ad

  15. Awareness Interest Desire Measuring Success • Jay Leno Tonight Show • Calculated gamble, promotes movie & car • Wide audience and attention getting • Today Show & Central Park appearance • Low risk, promotes movie & car • Generated media coverage (over 200 media reps) • DJ Radio Programs • Risky, promotes car, generated 6,000 spots

  16. Press Coverage

  17. Awareness Interest Desire Measuring Success • Neiman Marcus • Generate 6,000 orders when only 20 were expected • Reinforces image • BMW website • Provides a virtual experience and information gathering opportunity • 125,000 hits per day

  18. Neiman Marcus

  19. Apple Computer Ad

  20. Awareness Interest Desire Action Measuring Success • Dealer Showings • Move customer from interest  desire  action

  21. Dealer Promotion Kits

  22. Phase II • How do we convert the interest of prospective customers into orders? • How do we sustain the interest of customers who are waiting for their cars to be built?

  23. Visibility/Exposure “Buzz” Word of Mouth Missionary AdvocacyVirtuous Cycle ofExcitement for the BrandWord-of-Mouth Infatuation Sales/Purchase A Virtuous Cycle

  24. Infatuation Metaphor • Response happens very fast and is highly emotional • Leaves the consumer in a tenuous state, it can be quickly dismissed if not reinforced through behavior • When consumers fall in love with their brands they become credible missionaries

  25. From Excitement to Sale Point of “infatuation” Desired End-State: Purchase Possible End-State: Brand forgotten Time Phase I Phase II   Excitement Generating excitement, buzz, visibility

  26. From Excitement to Sale • What can we learn from interpersonal relationships? • What makes them fizzle? • What can to be done to keep move a relationship forward? • Can we apply these insights to a product?

  27. Phase II • Sustaining interest • Dealers need to deepen BMW’s relationship with self-selected prospects • How? • Contact:Direct mail, videos can give the person a “taste” of what is in store • Dates:Demo rides can keep appetites whetted • Heart-to-Heart:Progress updates can build “anticipation”

  28. A Paradigm Shift • We have observed a growth in non-traditional marketing campaigns • Southwest’s service to Baltimore began with a joint announcement by the CEO and Maryland Governor. • 49 children were taken on a trip to the Cleveland Zoo • Employees hit the streets passing out bags of peanuts

  29. A Paradigm Shift • Why have observed a growth in non-traditional marketing campaigns • Increasing costs • Fragmented media • Consumer control

  30. A Paradigm Shift • What new challenges does this approach present? • Less strategic and more opportunistic • Systems aren’t in place for measuring success

  31. The Future of NT Marketing

  32. BMW Films

  33. Assignment • Readings • Chapters 9 - 10 (pp 337 - 345, 369 - 371) • Team Project • Work with your team on finding an ad campaign • Assignment • Begin working on Marketing Yourself memo (due on Friday).

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