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Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications. Promotional Strategies at a Glance Chapter 12. What’s Happening in Marketing. Promotional Strategy. An activity that informs, persuades and reminds the consumer in making a purchase decision.

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Integrated Marketing Communications

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  1. Integrated Marketing Communications Promotional Strategies at a Glance Chapter 12

  2. What’s Happening in Marketing

  3. Promotional Strategy • An activity that informs, persuades and reminds the consumer in making a purchase decision. • A promotional strategy is also referred to as Marketing Communications.

  4. Sales Promotions Personal Selling Advertising Direct Marketing Public Relations Traditional Marketing Mix Product Price Promotion Distribution Marketing Communication, or Promotional Strategy has five ‘tools’ at it’s disposal.

  5. Promotional Strategy • Combining the various promotional tools is called the promotional mix. • Firms may use one promo tool, or all of them. This is dependent on many factors. • Consistency is key. • Star Wars example • Two General Strategies: • Push • Pull

  6. Types of Consumer Sales Promotions • Contests and sweepstakes • Refunds and rebates • Coupons • Sampling • Price-offs • Advertising specialties • Patronage rewards Sales promotion elicits immediate response, but not long term commitment

  7. Trade Promotions • Discounts and allowances • Free goods • Cooperative advertising programs

  8. Public Relations • Goal: • To provide information to the public that reinforces a firm’s positioning and image. • Can be used to change the public’s perception of a firm.

  9. Public Relations Tools • Newsletters • Media news releases - positive or negative • Special events • Annual reports • Collaboration with others

  10. Factors Affecting the Use of Promotional Tools • Nature of the market • Nature of the product/price of product • Stages of the Product Life Cycle • Budget/Funds available • Objectives • Message to be conveyed • Time and location of buying decision • Media characteristics

  11. Advertising Goals • To inform. • To persuade. • To remind. • “Top of mind” • “First choice” • To support other marketing communication efforts.

  12. Advertising Decisions • Objectives • Inform, persuade, remind or support • Budget decisions • Affordability • Percentage of Sales • Competitive Parity • Objective and Task • Message decisions • appeals need to be meaningful, believable and distinctive • Media decisions • Reach, frequency and impact

  13. Executional/Message Frameworks • Fantasy Payday, Zumanity • Mood or Image Milk, Familiprix, Sick kids • Musical Viagra, Cottonelle, Activia, • Animation/Personality Test your Knowledge • Technical Expertise WestJet, Moores • Scientific Evidence Trident • Testimonial Gatorade • Lifestyle Holiday Inn, Nissan Quest • Slice-of-life IKEA, Windex

  14. Lifestyle Ad • Nissan's Quest ads took aim at an anti-minivan mind-set among some women • Ads make the usual pitch about the van's utility secondary • There's seating for seven, a foldaway third-row seat and automatic side doors. But the ads try to show that the safe vehicle is also safe to be seen in on a Saturday night out, and that it's useful for grown-up sporting equipment, too — such as golf clubs and yoga balls. The campaign theme: "Moms have changed; shouldn't minivans?"

  15. Slice of Life Example The first 30-second TV spot in the "A Family Company" campaign, entitled "You Listen," showcases the Glade and Windex brands, and debuted during ABC's "Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition." The campaign is also slated to appear during holiday specials including the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and "It's a Wonderful Life." Foote Cone & Belding, Chicago created the ads.

  16. Setting the tone • The tone of the ad must also be determined and linked to the message • Is it appropriate to use: • Humour? Reno Depot, Engage the Vote, MADD • Serious? United Way, MADD • Shock? MADD

  17. Media Selection • Television • Radio • Transit • Billboard (see next slide) • Internet • Magazines • Newspapers • Direct Mail • Alternate Media – shirts, caps, fax, yellow pages, movies, free-standing road signs, carry-home menus • Refer to Table 12.2, p. 480 • Consider: • Reach • Frequency • Media Impact

  18. Billboard Example TIME Magazine had a pendulum swinging between photos of John Kerry and President George W. Bush. After the election, TIME stopped the pendulum, freezing the cover of TIME over the photograph of the winner, President George W. Bush. The $5 million campaign was designed and created by Fallon New York.

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